Man caught with cocaine in Edwards, police say |

Man caught with cocaine in Edwards, police say

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS – Deputies arrested a man for cocaine possession in front of an Edwards bar March 14.

One officer noticed a man standing in the grass in front of a white SUV in a dark corner of the parking lot. The deputy parked a few spaces away and saw the man crouch behind another SUV as he approached.

The man told the officer he wanted to get away from the crowd outside the front of the bar to smoke a cigarette. The officer looked at the front of the bar and saw one or two people. He asked the man if he had drugs on him or was doing drugs. The man just kept saying that he “just came over here.”

Another officer came and talked with the man while the first officer checked the scene for evidence. He found a folded dollar bill containing cocaine on the pavement where the man had been crouching.

The man changed his story as the officers placed him under arrest. He said another man had been trying to get him to do drugs and ran off when police came. The officer asked why he didn’t say anything about another man before he was arrested, and after he’d been asked directly about drugs. Why would he go behind some vehicles with “some guy” if he didn’t use drugs?

Then the officer asked the man how often he used cocaine. The man said about once a month. The officer asked him if “tonight was the one time this month.”

The man didn’t answer.

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