Man charged with menacing with a deadly weapon |

Man charged with menacing with a deadly weapon

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

BEAVER CREEK – On Jan. 8, deputies were notified of an assault that happened at a restaurant in Beaver Creek on Jan. 6.

A 22-year-old man said he was an employee of the restaurant. He got home from work Jan. 6 and realized he forgot his jacket and passport at the restaurant. He does not have a car, so he called a friend/co-worker for a ride.

The restaurant was closed, so the employee called the owner’s son to let him inside. The son is also a friend and he and his girlfriend and met the other two men at the car.

The girlfriend invited the men to join them for a movie. They liked that idea, so they started looking for tickets on an iPhone while sitting in the car.

At that time, the owner came out. He was angry and accused them of smoking marijuana in the car. The employee said they weren’t doing anything wrong. The owner pulled out a pistol and pointed it at them, saying he would blow a hole in them if he ever saw them again.

He told his son and the girlfriend to get out of the car, grabbed the driver by the jacket and hit him in the head with the pistol three or four times. He told the now-former employees to leave and fired two shots in the air as they drove away, walking after them toward the parking lot’s exit.

The deputy asked the 22-year-old man what the gun looked like. The man said it was hard to say because he was staring down the barrel the whole time. He said it looked black and was a revolver with a red laser sight. The man was visibly shaken and said he waited to report the incident because he was so scared.

The deputy next interviewed the 20-year-old man who was the driver during the incident. The man did not want to give an official statement – because of his friendship with the suspect’s son and dislike for police – but he did show the deputy the wound on his head, which was about one inch long and half an inch wide.

Officers obtained a search warrant and contacted the restaurant owner at his home. A lawyer promptly arrived to intervene on the man’s behalf as deputies searched the man’s vehicle and home.

The man’s wife said she had never seen any handgun in her husband’s possession. However, a box of ammunition with two empty spaces was found in the car and a black pistol with a laser sight was found in a gun safe inside the home.

The man was arrested for assault with a weapon, menacing use of a deadly weapon, criminal trespass of a vehicle, recklessly discharging a firearm, unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm and reckless endangerment. He immediately posted bail.

Yelling and cursing

On Dec. 28, an Edwards resident reported a case of disorderly conduct on Edwards Village Boulevard.

The 57-year-old woman told a deputy she was walking her dogs when two young men got off the bus. The men were yelling and cursing as they walked up the street.

The yelling caused the woman’s dogs to bark and she asked the men to stop. The men then directed vulgar language and threats at the woman, who felt intimidated and threatened to let her dogs loose to attack them.

She went back to her house and watched the men go into a nearby apartment before calling deputies. She wanted the men to be charged with disorderly conduct.

When an officer contacted the 19- and 21-year-old men, they admitted they probably said things they shouldn’t have. They were cited for disorderly conduct.

Walkin’ to Texas

On Dec. 30, a deputy contacted a 48-year-old man walking on Interstate 70 toward Avon. The man said he was walking to Texas and did not know any better way than the Interstate.

The deputy said that walking on the interstate was illegal and dangerous, and offered to give him a ride to Avon. He had to search the man for weapons first, however. During a pat-down, a jar of marijuana was found in the man’s pocket. He was cited for possession of less than one ounce.

Broken down drunken driving

On Dec. 31, a deputy patrolling U.S. Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail when he saw a car stopped on the shoulder with liquid running out underneath. He turned around and contacted the driver to see if he could help.

The 21-year-old man appeared to be intoxicated as he explained that the car broke down. In the passenger seat was a very intoxicated 34-year-old woman who had apparently just been urinating by the car, as her pants were not pulled all the way up by the time the deputy saw her. The car was turned off but the key was still in the ignition.

The officer asked the man to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers, which he did not complete to the officer’s satisfaction. He was arrested for further investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was later cited for DUI. His driver’s license was revoked and his car was towed.

A sober person to take custody of the woman couldn’t be found, so she was taken to a detox facility.

Miscellaneous mischief

• An Edwards resident of Conestoga Circle reported that his Stoeger Series 8000 handgun went missing around Dec. 1. The gun was stored in a locked safe under his bed but the man had been away for a month and a half.

• A man reported on Jan. 4 that a bag containing six decoy ducks was stolen while it had been stashed at Gypsum Ponds. The man said he stashed the decoys so that he wouldn’t have to carry them in and out all the time. He had a note in the bag, welcoming hunters to use the decoys as long as they returned them to where they were found.

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