Man ditches fiance at Beaver Creek |

Man ditches fiance at Beaver Creek

Dustin Racioppi
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” What’s harder than denying you just drove a Hummer H2 off the road and into a ditch when Beaver Creek public safety officers saw you? Denying that you know the screaming woman inside the Hummer in the ditch.

One man tried his best, but couldn’t pull off convincing deputies he shouldn’t be charged for allegedly stranding and beating his fiance near his parents’ home in Beaver Creek Resort.

The sheriff’s report said public safety officers patrolling the area saw the Hummer slide off the side of the road on Dec. 20. Then a 40-year-old man was seen walking away from the site. He denied having anything to do with the accident to the officers, the report said, then asked them for a ride back to his parents’ home on Holden Road, which they refused to do.

When deputies later interviewed him at the home, he again denied knowing who the woman was. Then the mysterious lady walked up Holden Road, arms flailing and deputies said she had wet herself. She ran past deputies to the house, yelling that her boyfriend left her in a ditch the last 20 minutes and “you are keeping me from my baby.”

Deputies calmed her down and got her side of the story. According to the woman, the couple of five years was at Minturn Saloon earlier and they began arguing, which continued the entire car ride home. The argument must have gotten so heated that it caused the man to slide off the road. He slapped her and told her he “wasn’t going to be a part of this”, the woman said.

This wasn’t the first time something like that happened, the woman said. The couple is originally from Florida and she said she’s been seeking legal advice to gain custody of their child due to her fiance’s behavior.

The man continued to deny anything happened. But considering the mark on the woman’s face and the Florida license plate, the evidence was stacked against him. He was charged with domestic violence and harassment, while the woman stayed at a hotel that night.

EDWARDS “At least in the hospital a pregnant Edwards woman can get some rest. She couldn’t on Dec. 21 because her common law husband beat her up, she told deputies, and the hospital is where she spent the rest of the evening.

The sheriff’s report said the couple of eight years were looking at pictures inside their home in Eagle River Trailer Park earlier in the day. When they were done, the 26-year-old woman, who is eight months pregnant with another man’s child, laid down to rest.

She told deputies that her husband barged in shortly after looking for the pictures again. She told him to leave her alone, but then he started slapping and punching her, the report said.

The woman left the home with the couple’s two sons and headed to a friend’s house. She later went to the hospital where the report said she was treated for lacerations and contusions to her nose.

Deputies weren’t able to locate her 29-year-old husband, who took the couple’s third child from the home. He has a warrant from 2006 for domestic violence, and deputies began drafting a second for domestic violence and third-degree assault.

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