Man found waiting with weapons in Gypsum, police say |

Man found waiting with weapons in Gypsum, police say

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado –Police responded to a report of a man with a gun in Gypsum on May 10.

An officer saw the suspect’s truck parked in front of some apartments. As the officer approached from the passenger’s side, the driver started the truck and applied the brakes. The officer got closer and saw a man reclined in the driver’s seat reach up and turn off the vehicle.

The officer drew his gun and ordered the man to put his hands on his head. The officer saw a handgun on the front passenger seat and a semi-automatic rifle resting partially on the rear seat pointed over the center console at the apartments. The deputy ordered the man to slowly reach down and unlock the vehicle and put his hands back on his head.

The deputy told the man he could see the guns and not to move toward them. Another officer arrived and covered the man at gun point while the first deputy secured the weapons.

While removing the guns from the truck, the deputy smelled alcohol and noticed empty beer bottles in the back seat.

After handcuffing the 29-year-old man, the deputies asked him why he was drinking in his truck with two guns. The man said he was upset and having financial problems, that he was unable to pay his child support to his ex-wife. He said he wasn’t going to be able to pay his rent and he was just waiting for her to get home from “whoever she was sleeping with.”

Dispatch confirmed the man had two active restraining orders, which listed a woman who was not his ex-wife as the protected party. The orders barred the man from drinking and having guns.

The officers arrested the man and read him his rights. They asked him why he would wait in his ex-wife’s driveway with guns in his car and drink. The man said he liked his guns and they were not loaded. The officers said that didn’t matter.

The ex-wife was not at home. One of the officers also went to a house where the man was living with his new girlfriend. The woman who answered the door there thought he was asleep in the house.

At the jail, a criminal history revealed the man had four previous arrests for domestic-related issues and two protection order violations.

The man was charged with two protection order violations, two counts of prohibited use of a weapon, DUI, domestic violence and harassment/stalking.

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