Man gets concussion defending girlfriend in Red Cliff |

Man gets concussion defending girlfriend in Red Cliff

Katie Drucker
Red Cliff, CO Colorado

RED CLIFF, Colorado – A man stuck up for his girlfriend and ended up with a concussion last weekend in Red Cliff.

The couple was in town from Denver to attend the “Man of the Cliff” event. The couple went to a bar, and the girlfriend was outside standing by a bonfire while the boyfriend was inside.

A man began harassing the girlfriend at the bonfire and calling her names. When her boyfriend joined her outside she told him what happened. The boyfriend approached the man. The man began punching the boyfriend in the head and poked the boyfriend in his eyes. The crowd broke-up the brawl.

In the morning the couple returned to the bar for breakfast and asked the waitress if she knew the identity of the suspect. The waitress gave the couple the man’s name and address.

The couple returned to Denver and was not going to report the incident. However, the boyfriend did not feel well upon his return and went to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a concussion and reported the incident.

The man was issued a summons for 3rd degree assault.

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