Man ‘guilty’ in $11 million ripoff of Colorado |

Man ‘guilty’ in $11 million ripoff of Colorado

DENVER, Colorado – A Denver jury has convicted a 42-year-old man of racketeering, theft and other charges in the theft of $11 million in unclaimed tax refunds from the state.

The jury deliberated less than four hours Monday before returning 52 guilty verdicts against Hysear Randell.

Randell was acquitted of two counts of computer crime. He potentially faces hundreds of years in prison when he’s sentenced Sept. 25.

Randell was convicted in a scheme involving his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Cawthra, a former Colorado Department of Revenue supervisor. Cawthra testified that she deposited unclaimed tax refunds and other money in Randell’s bank accounts over two years.

Cawthra is serving a 24-year prison term after pleading guilty to racketeering.

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