Man has wardrobe malfunction at Gypsum thrift shop |

Man has wardrobe malfunction at Gypsum thrift shop

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado ” A male customer was apparently doing more than trying on clothes at the Thrifty Shoppe in Eagle on Aug. 7.

Store employees called the cops after it appeared that a naked man was deliberately leaving dressing room door open.

An employee got a glimpse of the man through the partially open door. She called her mother for advice, who suggested that she politely close the door and ask the man to keep it shut. That employee didn’t have the nerve to approach the door, so another employee closed it.

The naked guy promptly opened it again. A few minutes later he emerged dressed, but with the zipper on his pants open, and proceeded to browse through the store.

At that point, employees called the cops, and the suspect fled through a back door.

A security camera caught an image of the man driving off in a red car. The cops were unable to locate the suspect, but employees said they could identify him if he returns to the store.

EAGLE ” A 46-year-old man was charged with harassment after he attempted to intimidate a Hispanic woman, police said.

The victim said she was playing music on her car stereo as she drove up to her sister’s home on Second Street in Eagle.

The suspect, who had been drinking, approached, called her some offensive names, and referred to the music as “Mexican bull—-.”

The woman said his behavior was scary. The man walked away, and the frightened and upset woman called the cops.

After hearing her description of the man, the responding officer realized police had had run ins with the man before. . When he was located, he was drunk and uncooperative, and denied making any racist comments to the woman. However, he also told the cops that he had problems with Mexicans.

The victim identified the suspect. He was summoned for harassment. The suspect refused to sign the summons, and declared that he would not show up in court

GYPSUM ” Three cars were broken into and one vehicle stolen Aug. 9 on Park Street in Gypsum.

One Park Street resident called deputies when she noticed the driver’s door to her vehicle was not shut tight and glove compartment and center console were open. There was nothing missing and no damage to the car.

The woman, however, found a cellular phone that did not belong to her or anyone she knew, in the car. The deputies identified the owner of the cell phone. The owner, according to a man who was in the cell phone’s contact list, was at a party on Park Street. The owner left the party alone, and had no car in the area.

The man was later arrested and charged with 1st degree criminal trespass of a vehicle.

GYPSUM ” A man reported that he had left his wallet with $750 cash, five credit cards, his social security card and his driver’s license inside at a Costco gas pump.

The man later called deputies back saying that a Gypsum man and his son had dropped his wallet off at his house with everything still inside.

– A woman reported the theft of 52 shirts and some jewelry that she had packed in her car to be taken to the thrift shop. She estimated the value of the missing items at about $2,500.

– A man reported an aluminum wheel was stolen off his vehicle while it was parked at the bowling alley.

– Several children reported money taken from their unlocked lockers at the Eagle pool.

– A Bluffs resident complained about dog poop and off-leash dogs near the entrance to federal land.

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