Man killed in gas field snowmobile accident |

Man killed in gas field snowmobile accident

Greg Masse

Kenneth Rens, 57, was working in the natural gas fields for Amarillo, Texas-based Jelco Energy when he was struck by the pickup truck and killed, Bureau of Land Management law enforcement ranger Julie Briles said Wednesday.

The accident happened as Rens was driving his snowmobile up a steep road as the pickup truck approached from the other direction.

The unidentified truck driver was also working in the gas field.

At 12:40 p.m., the drivers approached each other as they rounded a curve from opposite directions. Once they saw each other, each veered to his respective right. Rens hit the snowbank on the side of the road, causing his sled to flip sideways. He was thrown sideways onto the road in the path of the oncoming truck.

“No one was cited,” Briles said. “It was a blind curve with lots of snow. Basically, no one was at fault, it was because of the territory.”

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