Man naps in snow after fight in Eagle County |

Man naps in snow after fight in Eagle County

Dustin Racioppi
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado “-After allegedly choking his girlfriend, then taking a quick nap in the snow, an Eagle County, Colorado man was recharged to start more trouble on Nov. 6, but it was with authorities, who eventually had to sedate the 26-year-old in order to transport him to jail.

It started when the man and his girlfriend were outside a home and got into an argument. She told deputies, hesitantly, that he “wrapped his hand around (her) throat and started to squeeze.”

At some point shortly after, the argument ended, and one of the woman’s friends said he passed out in the snow for about 45 minutes until deputies arrived. She also said he was pretty drunk.

The man was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center where he kicked and screamed and was combative the whole time with the staff, the sheriff’s report said. He had to be restrained in his bed, then at the CT Scan machine where his blood alcohol content showed a modest .328 and then back in his bed.

After that, he was given a sedative so authorities could take him to Eagle County Detention Facility. Once there, he was booked for third-degree assault and domestic violence.

GYPSUM ” A 25-year-old former Gypsum man now has a warrant for his arrest out for harassment and domestic violence, but if there were a charge for “potty mouth”, he might’ve gotten that, too.

Just have a listen to his recorded phone conversations and look at his text messages he sent to his ex-wife, like police did on Nov. 14.

It was when he found out that his 23-year-old ex-wife, the mother of his 4-year-old son, was now pregnant with another man’s child less than two months after the couple finalized their divorce that he began harassing her with more than a dozen phone calls in a few hours and leaving nasty voicemails and text messages.

In between the flurry of f-words, accusations that his ex-wife was an obscene variation of the word ‘prostitute,’ and calling her pathetic, the man left messages like, “I’m going to (expletive) kill you,” and “thanks for being the death of me.”

Afraid that their relationship would become worse, the woman told police she didn’t want him arrested. Instead, police completed the warrant for the man.

GYPSUM ” When there’s two conflicting stories, sometimes it pays to have innocent children around to clear things up, like the Nov. 16 case where an argument between a former couple with two children ended in a domestic violence case.

According to the 29-year-old ex-girlfriend, she had been fighting on the phone with the ex-boyfriend about who their two children should stay with. But she decided to leave and head to his house, park in his driveway and wait for him to arrive with the two boys.

She told deputies that when he did get home, she approached his truck and continued the argument. She said he got out of the truck with one of the children in his arms and was pushing her away so she couldn’t get near her sons, and at one point, she fell down.

After she got up, she said she was reaching for her children and accidentally hit her ex-boyfriend’s face and knocked his hat and glasses off.

But he said that when he got home, he was greeted by his ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t let him past a fence leading to the house. He said she was the one who was pushing him, in fact.

When police interviewed one of the boys, the one who was old enough to comprehend anything, he said mom and dad got into a fight outside the truck and dad pushed mom.

That was enough for police to charge dad with harassment and domestic violence, ending the argument over who the children should stay with.

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