Man refuses to rat out girlfriend |

Man refuses to rat out girlfriend

EAGLE-VAIL ” A man whose girlfriend knocked over his motorcycle and scratched his face refused to identify her, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The man suspected his girlfriend of tipping over his Honda 1997 motorcycle, the damage to which he estimated at $1,500. He refused to name her because he didn’t want to get her in trouble, he said.

Earlier that evening the man, 37, and his girlfriend had gone out to dinner, during which she accused him of cheating on her.

The couple returned to the man’s home, but he left when she scratched his face and arms, broke a lamp and tossed his belongings in his home. His motorcycle was parked upright when he left.

A sheriff’s deputy closed the case.

EDWARDS ” A man was spotted moving traffic cones in the Riverwalk shopping complex because he had trouble navigating the construction, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy was getting tea at Starbucks when he noticed a man, 56, in a tie-dye T-shirt moving traffic cones that were protecting arrows that had just been painted on the street.

After moving those cones, the man drove through an intersection at Riverwalk and stopped at the next set of cones. The deputy shouted at the man to stop.

There was white paint on one of the tires of the man’s pickup He became upset and complained to the deputy that there was no way to get to a business at the east end of Riverwalk without driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

The deputy agreed with the man that the construction of the intersection at the Riverwalk was taking too long and “was very confusing” for drivers, the deputy said.

While speaking with the man, the deputy saw other cars coming out of the underground parking garage and driving through the freshly painted arrows.

The deputy let Riverwalk management decide what to do with the man.

EAGLE ” An Eagle man paid his $34.90 dinner tab with a credit card but when the bill came, it read $3,494.

He called the Eagle cops, who had the restaurant fix the mistake. However, while running the man’s name, officers discovered he had an arrest warrant out for failure to appear in court and he was arrested.

His wife told the cops that she didn’t have enough money to bail him out of jail until the credit card snafu was straightened out.

EDWARDS ” A gravel truck spilled its load and broke a cop’s windshield.

Motorists reported that a dump truck was spilling rock on Interstate 70. When a sheriff’s deputy caught up with the truck, one of the rocks broke his windshield.

The deputy stopped the driver, who said the truck’s gate must have been damaged when he hit a bump.

The trucker was ticketed for spilling material on the highway.

EDWARDS – A man driving with his brights on was arrested for driving under the influence, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A sheriff’s deputy was driving west on Highway 6 when he saw a gray car driving east with its brights on.

The man, was slurring his words after being pulled over, was taken to jail and had a blood-alcohol content of .219, almost three times the legal limit.

The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this article.

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