Man suspsected in beer-bottle assault |

Man suspsected in beer-bottle assault

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Alleged bag of bottles makes dangerous weaponDaily Staff ReportGYPSUM – A 52-year-old Gypsum man could be facing felony assault charges after he allegedly clocked another man over the head with a plastic sack of beer bottles.The incident took place at the Holy Cross apartment complex. The suspect initially raised a ruckus in the late afternoon, confronting a man whom his ex-wife was keeping company with.He left, then returned a couple of hours later, walking into the apartment, and allegedly swinging the sack of beer bottles when the other man came out of the ex-wife’s bedroom.Residents of the department then subdued the man, who fell and hit his head in the process. The man, who had been drinking, passed out. He was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center for treatment.Quick getawayGYPSUM – A clerk at a gypsum grocery store has some sore toes after a shoplifting suspect allegedly drove over them with his car.The woman was off duty when she saw the fellow slip a sports drink into his jacket. She confronted him outside.The man got in his car, and she stood near the car window. He asked her not to call the police, because there was already a warrant out or his arrest. Then he drove off, allegedly running over her toesThe woman has red marks on her feet, but no obvious injuries.The case remains under investigation.Obscene uncleGYPSUM – When a young Gypsum woman received some harassing, obscene phone calls, she knew who the caller was – her 51-year-old uncle. She called the cops.The number on the caller ID traced back to the uncle. While a deputy was at the victims home, the phone rang. The officer picked it up, and recognized the voice of the caller as the uncle, who had been involved in some previous brushes with the law.When the uncle was issued a summons for harassment, police say he made an obscene hand gesture at the young woman. That gained him a disorderly conduct charge.Vail, Colorado

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