Man takes on Vail Valley streetlight |

Man takes on Vail Valley streetlight

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Police received a call on April 12 about a suspicious incident near the Edwards station of Eagle County Ambulance District. One of the employees there was watching a man with a dog walking around wearing some kind of scarf or wrap around his head.

When deputies arrived they noticed the light on a pole behind the post office was dark. They searched the area and contacted a man with a dog matching the description. He was standing in front of the fire station, looking up at the flood lights over the garage doors.

One of the deputies asked him what was going on. The man pointed to the lights and asked if they could be turned off because they were shining in his window. The officer checked the 30-year-old’s identification and asked if he had done something to the post office light. The man said he’d turned it off by prying open the cover and turning it off.

The officer said he’d have to turn the light back on and the deputies accompanied the man back to the light pole. However, as they watched the man open the cover and begin to strip coating off one of the wires, they realized he had not flipped a switch but had actually cut the wires to turn off the lamp. They stopped him, fearing for his safety.

The man was issued a summons for criminal mischief. The head of maintenance for Edwards Village Center was notified to contact an electrician the following day and report the cost of repair.

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