Man talks himself into to more charges in Eagle |

Man talks himself into to more charges in Eagle

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –A deputy pulled over a 19-year-old man after he nearly T-boned the officer while turning onto Fairgrounds Road in Eagle on April 10.

The officer noticed the vehicle didn’t have a license plate – instead there was a hand-written tag displayed in the window with a number and the words, “In-transit.”

The deputy immediately detected an alcoholic odor upon contacting the driver. The officer told the man he’d pulled him over because he’d almost T-boned him. The driver was apologetic. The deputy asked him about the hand-written tag and he said he made it because he can’t afford registration. He didn’t have insurance, either.

The officer asked the man how much he’d had to drink. The man said a couple drinks. The deputy saw an open beer in the cup holder and poured it out. Then the man said he did a couple shots in Gypsum within the last hour.

The man failed voluntary roadside tests and was placed under arrest for DUI investigation at the jail.

A female passenger in the car was given a ride home by another deputy and the car was towed.

At the jail, the man blew a .189 and was talking to an off-duty officer. He mentioned that he loved to smoke marijuana. The deputy asked him when he smoked weed last and the man said about 90 minutes before he was pulled over.

The arresting officer overheard the conversation and interrupted to read the man his Miranda rights. The man was still willing to talk. He told the deputy his weed and paraphernalia were in the center console of his car and restated he’d smoked about an hour and a half before getting pulled over.

Police contacted the tow company and escorted the man back to his car to look for the items. The man climbed into his car and said his pipes and some money were gone. He suspected the female passenger took them. An officer noted a container that had had marijuana in it.

Police recontacted the woman at her residence. She gave the man the missing money but denied taking the marijuana and paraphernalia. There was no proof she had, so police left it at that.

The man was taken home to his parents and charged with DUI, fictitious license plates, open container, minor in possession, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and driving an uninsured vehicle. His driver’s license was also confiscated and he was issued a notice of revocation.

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