Man tells strange tall of imaginary murder |

Man tells strange tall of imaginary murder

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EAGLE – An 18-year-old Eagle boy sent town police on a wild goose chase after making up a story about killing a man on the bike path between Eagle Villas and Eby Creek.The boy told the story to his girlfriend after returning home late one evening in a very bloodied state. He told his girlfriend he had fought and killed a man on the bike path. The girl told her mom who then reported the imaginary homicide to the district attorney’s office.After conducting a fairly extensive search of the “crime scene” and finding little physical evidence, the police decided to contact the boy’s parents, who did not know the where their son was.At the same time, one of the boy’s friends reported the boy told him he had taken a body up into the mountains, poured gasoline on it and burned it.The boy finally got in touch with police about turning himself in. He admitted he had made up the story about killing the man to impress his girlfriend. He made the story about disposing of the body up as a way of bragging to his friend.The fight between the boy and an unidentified young man did apparently take place, but the opponent hasn’t been located. No charges have been filed as of yet. Eagle Police ruled out the possible homicide based on lack of physical evidence – primarily a body – and the misinformation surrounding the case.Suspicious suitcaseGYPSUM – American Airlines counter agents contacted the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office on Christmas Day after conducting a routine pre-flight security search of an out-going piece of luggage.When deputies arrived, the American Airlines representative handed over a bag containing a green leafy substance and another bag containing a white powder. The man who owned the bag had already passed through security and was drinking at a bar inside the airport when deputies approached him about the bag’s contents.The man told the police that the powder was Creatine (a growth supplement), and confirmed that the green substance was indeed marijuana. He claimed to have been prescribed the marijuana for a neck injury but didn’t have the prescription.The police and counter agents told the man that he was “very foolish,” and that he had wasted a large amount of time for airport staff. He apologized profusely, then was handed a ticket for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.No Christmas cheerEAGLE – Two attacks on front-yard Christmas displays are proof that not all were in the Christmas spirit last week. A Christmas display was vandalized on Bull Run on the evening of Dec. 23. Someone ripped the plastic covering off of a Santa’s workshop display. The vandal also shot paintballs into the display.Another Christmas vandal cut down an inflatable bear and an inflatable snowman at on Condor Drive in Eagle. The bear, valued at $84, was taken. The snowman was left behind.Vail Colorado

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