Man terrifies trailer-mates in Edwards |

Man terrifies trailer-mates in Edwards

Dustin Racioppi

EDWARD, Colorado ” An Edwards, Colorado man might have trouble finding new roommates after his recent rampage at the group’s trailer in Eagle River Village.

Deputies responded on March 1 to the trailer and saw the man’s five roommates standing outside, scared and concerned because their 27-year-old roommate had never been violent before, but went ballistic that night.

They said the man came home, apparently drunk, and started screaming and waving a kitchen knife around threatening to kill all the roommates. The roommates didn’t take a chance and stormed outside to call 911 and waited for deputies to arrive.

In the meantime, the knife-wielding roommate locked himself in his bedroom and passed out. Deputies kicked their way into his bedroom and found him bloodied and unconscious, but they were able to wake him up when they put him in handcuffs.

The only signs of remorse the man showed was in the back of a deputy patrol car, where he cried and apologized en route to jail where he’d be booked on five counts of felony menacing.

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