Man ticketed in Vail bike path fire |

Man ticketed in Vail bike path fire

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –Police and members of Vail Fire Department responded to a suspicious fire off the bike path in West Vail on May 6.

The report came from Public Works staff members, who were cleaning up garbage when they came across an area where it appeared someone had burned some property. They collected the remains and called fire officials and police.

While looking through the burned property, the authorities found a piece of paper containing a man’s name and address.

The deputy noted that the fire burned a small area about three to four feet in diameter on the north side of the bike path. Some of the items at the scene included a magazine and clothing with a blue-and-white stripe pattern. Other items found in the garbage already collected were DVD cases, papers from a book, blue-and-white stripped cloth, a candle and part of a picture frame.

The officer went to the address that was found on the paper to contact the person whose name was with the address. There was no response at the door. The officer saw a ski pass on a grill that was on the deck. The name on the ski pass matched the name associated with the address on the paper scrap. There was a “For Sale” sign in front of the residence with a phone number, which the officer called. A man by a different name answered and said the man the deputy was looking for was his son. The man gave the deputy his son’s phone number.

The 26-year-old man initially denied knowing anything about the fire. He said he had a bin of old items that were going to be thrown out or donated sitting in front of the house and it went missing. The officer said that based on the items found in the fire it seemed like there was more to the story. The officer said it appeared that the man had been burning property belonging to an ex-girlfriend or roommate. The man said he still didn’t know anything and the officer told him police would continue to investigate.

The man called back about five minutes later. He admitted to starting the fire about a week before because he was angry with an ex-girlfriend.

The man was summonsed for arson.

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