Man walks West Slope to protest Iraq war |

Man walks West Slope to protest Iraq war

Ashley Dickson
Summit County Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado ” Stephen Horn is a man on a mission. Since Jan. 1, Horn has been walking from Paonia on his way to Denver to protest the war in Iraq.

On Tuesday, he passed through Summit County.

“I am walking in protest of the federal governements missappropriation of $14 billion a month on an unprovoked war,” Horn said.

Horn’s final destination in Denver is the Capitol Building, where he hopes to meet with legislators or state officials in an effort to bring greater attention to ending the war.

“I want people to imagine what $14 billion could be spent on,” Horn said. “We could have put the money toward exploring alternate forms of energy. Our energy policy is seriously flawed, and exploring things like wind, solar and hydrogen power would significantly reduce our dependency on oil.”

Armed only with the clothes on his back, a camera, a First Aid kit and some extra toilet paper, Horn is braving the the winter elements. He says his fears are greatly outweighed by his disgust.

The total mileage from Paonia to Denver is 237 miles, and Horn claims there is no need to rush the experience.

“So far it’s been a beautiful trip, going at 3 miles per hour is a much better way to see the mountains,” Horn said.

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