Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do |

Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

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Early in the season, one of my 4-year-old students informed me that he had to go to the bathroom. I helped him off with his coat, gloves, helmet, etc. and sent him into the honey bucket. Within minutes, he came right back out.I asked him if anything was wrong. He said, “You have to hold me up. I’m too short.” I laughed and said, “Just use the regular toilet instead of the urinal.” A look of disgust came over his face and he said, “NO WAY. That one is for girls!”- Wes Brook, Stevens Pass, Wash.Small talk with strangersInstructor to small girl: “How old are you?”Simone: “Five.”Instructor: “How long have you been skiing?”Simone: “Twenty-five years.”•Instructor to Ralph: “Hi, what’s your name?”No response.Instructor: “How old are you?”No response.Instructor: “Where do you live?”No response.Instructor: “Are you having fun?”No response.Instructor: “Do you like to ski?”No response.Just as their chair was approaching the unloading point, Ralph said to the instructor, who had been trying to make conversation,”My Mom doesn’t let me talk to strangers.”•Instructor to Joshua: “How old are you?’Joshua: “Four and a half.”Pause. “Ya know, before I was four, I was three…”Pause. “Ya know, before I was three, I was two…”Pause. “Ya know, before I was two, I was one…”Pause, followed by a sigh as if he had the world’s burdens on his shoulders. “Ya know, I’ve been four an awfully long time!”- Dave Yost, VailVail, Colorado

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