Many Eagle County natural gas bills set to decline |

Many Eagle County natural gas bills set to decline

The decline isn't a lot — just 3.79% for many Eagle County customers

Black Hills Energy has announced a slight decline in the price of natural gas.

Black Hills Energy, which provides service to most of the Eagle River Valley and a large part of the state,  has announced the cost of natural gas went down as of Feb. 1.

In announcing the new pricing, a Black Hills release stated,  “We understand the current economic pressures facing the communities we serve and want to focus on providing our customers with the lowest bills possible. So, when the price of natural gas drops — as it has recently — we move as quickly as possible to pass those savings on.”

Depending on location, gas bills are set to go down between about 3% and 12% per month, beginning on Feb. 1.

According to a chart provided with the release, the average residential bill will decline by between 3.93% and 4.79%. An average bill will drop from $138.94 to $133.48.

The price of natural gas is known as a “pass-through cost,” meaning Black Hills makes no money on it. Customers pay market rates and no more.

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