Marathoner heads for 100 |

Marathoner heads for 100

Special to the Daily Fred Bapp's son Kevin, left, is also a runner. Bapp has 35 states left to reach his goal of running marathons in all 50 states.

So far, Fred Bapp has run a marathon in 15 states. The Eagle psychiatrist has started close to home and is working his way east and west on a mission inspired by his wife’s death from cancer. “One of my issues is going to be finding money and time to go to the East Coast,” says Bapp, who counts 25 states left to the east, and 10 to the west. “There is a good amount of expense. But it is a getaway for me, too.

“In ways, I wish I had started this before Judy had died,” he says. “It would have been something nice to do together.” This year, he has raced in Arizona – where he ran with his daughter for the first time. He has also completed races in Iowa and Kansas. His fourth marathon of the year is coming up in Baltimore.The four races in four different states will put him on a timetable to complete his goal in about nine years. He ran three marathons in both 2003 and 2004. His favorite marathon was the one he ran in Redwood Forest in Eureka, Calif.

When pressed on his chances for completing his goal, he says, “It’s realistic,” then quickly adds, “God willing.” If he runs one in every state, he will try to push on and complete 100 marathons in his lifetime. “I will do all my favorite ones again,” he says.The inspiration is all around for Fred Bapp. These things keep him going in races and in life: The thought of seeing friends at the finish; the beauty of Glenwood Canyon and the Redwood Forest; the rewards of surviving the last grueling miles of a marathon; his quest to run a hundred marathons in his life, one in each state; and, of course, the memory of his wife.

“What’s important to me about (running) is it’s my therapy. It is the sport I love,” says Bapp. “It will be life-long for me. Long ago, I told Judy I want to die at the finish line of my hundredth marathon at the age of 100.”Vail Colorado

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