Mardi Gras, with purpose |

Mardi Gras, with purpose

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn PopeGala co-chairs Adam Leseur and Kimberley Schramm.

The Mardi Gras Ball is now in its eighth year, and, for the second year, the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, was the hosting venue.

Ably chaired by Kim Schramm and Adam Leseur, parents, faculty and community supporters of St. Clare of Assisi and Vail Christian High School attended the popular affair last Friday night.

“It was a wonderful party,” Schramm said. “It’s nice to see everybody dressed up and looking elegant.”

Several years ago, the two schools joined forces to create the fundraiser. Instead of doing two separate fundraisers, work is split up, and, in this case, it would seem that more than double the money is raised. Their live auction is known as being one of the most extensive and lucrative.

Examples in fact: The sleepover at Two Elk for 20 children raised around $11,000 and the ever-popular “Repetti Spaghetti,” featuring the fine pasta-making skills of Vail Valley Medical Center CEO Greg Repetti, sold for $5,000. So, they sold it twice.

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Other great packages included a week in Scottsdale at the home of Vail Daily founder Jim Pavelich and his wife, Leslie; a week in St. Barth’s, courtesy of Dick and Kari Gyde; a private cooking class at Dish; Megan Green’s Famous Fondue dinner; and a homemade quilt by the Kindergartners.

Both schools have the mission of providing children with an excellent, Christian education. They have a shared motto of “One in Spirit and Purpose,” which was certainly recognized Friday. Vail Christian High School is now under a Phase II construction adding on their already beautiful new building. The new addition includes an auditorium with removable seating for about 450 people, with a rehearsal room and stage. St. Clare’s was earmarking funds raised to purchase new computers and a rolling cart for the third- and fourth-grade classes, and to upgrade additional technology, including LCD projectors and smart boards.

More than 350 people attended the annual event, which is always a week before Lent. And, as always, the Ritz pulled out all the stops on the dinner, which was, by all standards, delicious.

“The dinner was wonderful,” Schramm added. “The people at the Ritz really go out of their way to take care of us.”

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