About 500 people “hotboxed” weed at a Denver art festival, and it was perfectly legal | VailDaily.com

About 500 people “hotboxed” weed at a Denver art festival, and it was perfectly legal

The city approved its first special event license for cannabis consumption Friday

The Denver Post

For the first time since recreational pot was legalized in Colorado, a Denver-based company set up a mobile weed-smoking lounge at a festival.

And nothing went wrong.

The debut of HTBX LLC’s “hotbox” shipping container was a “smashing success” at the Crush Walls art festival in RiNo, owner John McCaskill said Monday. It was first of its kind since Denver voters approved social consumption marijuana licenses in 2016.

Officials from the city’s excise and licenses department as well as the state department of public health didn’t receive any complaints about the unit, spokespersons from both departments said. Denver police did not return a request for comment.

McCaskill has been working with city officials, state legislators and regulatory agencies since Denver voters approved the business licenses for cannabis consumption in designated areas. He applied for the city’s first special-event license for cannabis consumption in January and received the final stamp of approval just minutes before the festivities began Friday in the RiNo Arts District.

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