You’ll soon be able to earn a degree in cannabis from a Colorado university |

You’ll soon be able to earn a degree in cannabis from a Colorado university


Colorado State University-Pueblo received state approval Friday for the state’s first cannabis-related degree program, to be launched this fall.

The program — called “Cannabis, Biology and Chemistry” — will focus on the science necessary to work in the cannabis field, with coursework similar to double-majoring in biology and chemistry, said David Lehmpuhl,  dean of CSU-Pueblo’s College of Science and Mathematics.

“It’s a rigorous degree geared toward the increasing demand coming about because of the cannabis industry,” Lehmpuhl said. “Hemp and marijuana has really come to the forefront in a lot of economic sectors in the country. We’re not pro-cannabis or anti-cannabis. What we’re about will be the science and training students to look at that science.”

The degree program has two areas of emphasis: natural products and analytical chemistry.

The natural products route is focused more on the biology side of things with students taking additional courses in neurobiology, biochemistry and genetics, and work in a lab setting to learn about the genetics of cannabis or other natural product plants.

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