Mark Williams running for Congress to buck the system in Washington (letter) |

Mark Williams running for Congress to buck the system in Washington (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

It’s time to back a new direction for politics, where the grassroots and communities guide the process, not dark money. That’s why I support Mark Williams for Congress in Colorado’s 2nd District.

Mark Williams, a former fighter pilot in the Gulf War, is a career politician’s worst nightmare. Mark is a real progressive, who will fight for universal, single-payer health care, living wages and the working people of this district.

But Mark will also be a strong voice for peace. He knows that corporate-controlled Democrats and Republicans are responsible for 17 years of insane global bloodshed. Our lobbyist-controlled leaders in Congress won’t do anything for real people.

As Mark often says, “The house is on fire.”

I urge independent and progressive-minded voters to stand together and vote for the only candidate who shares our values. Why trust the current Democratic Party leadership or any candidate who takes money from them and oil and gas law firms?

Mark Williams does not accept PAC money. He’s running to buck the system and put the people of Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District above profits.

Kate Flynn


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