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Marketplace on Meadow Drive

The Squid 'n Asparagus is wrapped in bacon, while the Potatoes a la Rioja with Spanish chorizo, and the stuffed mushrooms are both very popular tapas.

At first glance, the Marketplace on Meadow Drive appears to be six separate establishments – Bistro, Cafe, Market, Creperie, Tavern and Wine Store – but once you step inside any of these spots, you discover a labyrinth of interconnected eateries, a winding highway of culinary treats

and treasures.

The concept of multiple dining venues within one restaurant means even the most diverse family can find something to make everyone happy. The adults can enjoy a beer and a flight of tapas in the Tavern while the kids munch on gelato and French fries in the Creperie. The entire menu is available throughout the Marketplace.

“You aren’t confined to one space,” Marketplace Manager Mike McNichols says. “That’s the fun of this place. We can accommodate everyone from grandma to the kids.”

The Marketplace is definitely a kid-friendly place to grab a light meal. The kids’ menu has selections from pancakes to peanut butter and jelly to chicken tenders, and all of the items are available all day.

“They can have cereal at night and burgers in the morning. We don’t care,” McNichols says.

From the Bistro to the Tavern, customers order all of their selections at the counter, eliminating the cost of having table-to-table servers and allowing the Marketplace to serve gourmet bites at less-than-gourmet prices.

“We don’t pay for servers,” McNichols says. “We pay for quality ingredients.”

Those include Saag’s deli meats and house-made smoked salmon, smoked pastrami and corned beef, as well as a large assortment of artisan cheeses. The Market boasts everything from granola bars for a quick boost on the mountain to pastas, sauces and fresh baguettes to create a tasty Italian dinner in a condo kitchenette.

And the guys at the Marketplace believe in the products they sell. Many of the gourmet foods, sauces and spices that are sold in the market are used in the tapas and sandwiches that are served in the various restaurants.

New this season, Kitchen Manager Radi Slavov will be serving up flights of the Marketplace’s delectable tapas. Choose your own combination, or leave it up to the chef to create a tasty spread for you. There are almost two dozen tapas to

choose from.

The Squid ‘n’ Asparagus features tender-crisp fresh asparagus cuddled up with a sliver of squid, wrapped in smoky bacon and topped with lemon parsley aioli. The Potatoes a la Roja and Chorizo are garnished with shaved carrots, and Spanish Meatballs (pork and beef) came swimming in a sauce of veggies, wine brandy and smoked paprika. Rounding out the plate was a choice of two varieties of stuffed mushrooms: Serrano ham and onion or chorizo and manchego, a gooey Spanish sheep’s milk cheese.

Top it all off with a Colorado Cocoa Martini or a Moscow Mule in a traditional copper mug. On a cold winter day, the Mountain Grog, made with cognac and cinnamon, or one of the Marketplace’s specialty coffee drinks, will warm you right up.

The Marketplace also prides itself on being environmentally friendly. Recycle bins throughout the establishment encourage patrons to do their part, and they use recyclable and compostable products whenever possible. McNichols says being environmentally conscious is something he hopes is and will continue to be synonymous with the Marketplace.

“We’re a grab-and-go place, so we try to meet Mother Earth in the middle,” he says. •

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