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Marko’s Pizzeria

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Edwards Plaza



The Space

With mural-filled walls and a checkered bar, Marko’s isn’t your average storefront. The casual pizzeria has a small-town busy vibe. Classic ski-town memoribalia fills the walls, and locals fill the seats.

The Food

Marko’s serves hand-crafted pizzas built with fresh ingredients. Think gourmet slices without gourmet prices. If there’s ever a doubt, just order a full pie and take the rest home. The crusts are on the thinner side, and the cheese and toppings are in perfect proportion. Calzones are stuffed with the same ingredients, and all of the pasta dishes are accompanied by homemade sauces. The tiramisu is a slab of creamy, marbled goodness.

In or out:

All of the food is available for delivery, but there’s a distinct advantage to eating there: beverages. They proudly claim to sell the cheapest beer in the valley. And if you’ve just come off a round of golf, there’s the adult lemonade to help you cool off. Three olives, vodka and cherry lemonade make great partners.

Gotta Try

Marko’s doesn’t serve typical lasagna. Chef-owner Mark Esteppe knew what he was doing when he crafted this dish. Not one, but three types of meat ” spicy sausage, ground beef and Canadian bacon ” are layered with peppers, onions, mushrooms and ricotta cheese. A tangy, meaty sauce is served on the side. As for the salads, they come in two sizes: big and bigger. Olives, feta and plenty of greens adorn the Greek salad, with a zippy vinaigrette on the side. The breadsticks are hot and crunchy, and not the slightest bit greasy.

Vail, Colorado

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