Marriages in Eagle County, Colorado – Sept. 2008 |

Marriages in Eagle County, Colorado – Sept. 2008

Marriages – 9-20

9/11 Vicente A. Vasquez Gomez to Debbie Tracy Guzman, Basalt, CO.

9/11 Jeffrey Paul Lyon to Kaitlyn Nicole Lindberg, Longmont, CO.

9/11 Larry D. Placek to Gail L. Rosenthal, Columbus, NE.

9/11 Ignacio Pellican to Rebecca Floy Cox, Edwards, CO.

9/11 Mark A. Dewolf to Noelle Dominique Willett, Avon, CO.

9/11 Jeremy Stewart Pegues to Brittany Morgan Garrison, Red Cliff, CO.

9/11 Roy Newton Huddleston III to Claudia Bartsch, Edwards, CO.

9/11 Eric Nelson Baldwin to Sharon Meyer Palm, Edwards, CO.

9/11 Takhir S. Minullin to Kara Sue Crist, Avon, CO.

9/11 Brian Wayne Sewell to Cassie McKenna Leyh, Eagle, CO.

9/11 Norman Allen Green to Allison Margaret Burnett, Vero Beach, FL.

9/12 Scott Andrew Schreiner to Jill Renee Klosterman, Eagle, CO.

9/16 George Eugene Fowler III to Lesli Michel Mais, Fort Worth, TX.

9/17 Mario Alberto Hernandez to Flor I. Alaniz, Avon, CO.

9/17 James Scott Burlingame to Patricia Ann Behr, Camanche, IA.

9/17 Michael Eliot Barth to Jennifer Paige Parks, New York, NY.

9/18 Lachlan Burnett Thomas to Courtney Michael O’Brien.

9/18 Herbert Mills Adcock to Virginia Ann Previtera, San Antonio, TX.

9/18 William Barry Davis to Pamela Josephine Vigil, Edwards, CO.

9/18 Sean Matthew Benderly to Erin Elizabeth Silkman, Avon, CO.

9/19 Jose Angel Ramirez Rios to Ros Erendida Alvarez Ramirez, Eagle, CO.

9/19 David Joseph Crambell to Amanda Lynn Driskill, Tempe, AZ.

9/19 Steven Gerard Fotion to Joelle Kathleen Howe, Carbondale, CO.

9/19 Michael Wayne Agnew to Sheri Marie Morgan, West Palm Beach, FL.

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