Matchmaker back to mine Aspen’s treasures |

Matchmaker back to mine Aspen’s treasures

Aspen Times fileMatchmaker Janis Spindel, right, interviewing a woman in 2005, is returning to Aspen next week to search for the woman of the dreams of a male client.

ASPEN, Colorado ” Valentine’s Day is long gone but a modern-day Cupid is coming to Aspen, Colorado next week to find the woman of her male client’s dreams.

Upscale matchmaker Janis Spindel of New York said a Wall Street type who spends lots of time in Aspen has hired her to help him find the perfect mate. The client, who she didn’t name, wants a woman who skis and is “outdoorsy,” so Spindel and her assistant are coming to Aspen next week to fish the fertile seas.

Spindel timed her trip to be here during Aspen Fashion Week, figuring the event might lure the type of woman her client is seeking. That would be a woman with the four B’s: “beauty, brains, a hot body and balance,” Spindel said. “Don’t waste my time if you don’t take care of your body.” And “bimbos” need not apply.

Spindel has mined Aspen’s treasures before. She screened prospective mates for a male client in December 2005. She didn’t draw as many female applicants as she wanted, but it all worked out. Spindel said the man and a female companion she located in Aspen recently celebrated one year together in a relationship, earning Spindel a bonus. She wouldn’t say how much, but success typically earns her between $50,000 and $250,000.

Spindel claimed her business is recession-proof. In fact, demand for her services is up in these tough times.

“Studies show there are three things that people will pay for (even in tough times): love, beauty and liquor,” Spindel said.

The half-Aspenite who recently hired her is 42, in finance, and spends eight months of the year in town.

“He’s an extremely good-looking guy,” Spindel said. “He’s got a hot body. He’s ripped.” He’s well-traveled, well-spoken and “really good-hearted,” she gushed.

So why is he paying her to find him a mate? Spindel doesn’t miss a beat with the answer because she gets that question all the time. A lot of these wealthy guys just aren’t in a position where they can easily find the type of woman they want to marry and possibly start a family with, Spindel said. Bars don’t work. Their affluence and lack of free time often keep them out of settings where they could meet the wholesome girl next door. Efforts by friends to match them on blind dates often end in disaster.

So they turn to Spindel, matchmaker for the rich and famous. She claims to have paired 867 couples in marriage and 1,200-plus in committed relationships.

“I am a matchmaker, not a dating service,” she stressed. “They’re not coming to me to get laid.”

She anticipates screening 50 to 75 women at parties, events and in pre-arranged interviews March 2-6. She has “scouts” throughout the country who send women her way and a network of contacts that get the word out among interested women.

They fill out applications, provide pictures and undergo background checks. Ultimately, it comes down to Spindel’s sixth sense.

“I can size up women in 30 seconds,” she said.

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