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Matney: Will you give me a drink?

Here is a devotional thought that has recently nourished my own soul. In John, chapter 4, Jesus is talking with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. There are numerous truths that can be gleaned from this story in the Bible. For example, in those days, Jews and Samaritans didn’t associate with each other, and unrelated men and women didn’t talk with each other. Also, Jesus knew the woman was of questionable character. So, here we see Jesus reaching out in love to an outcast, marginalized member of society. That is, of course, quite typical of God’s love.

Also, Jesus offers the woman living water, water that would quench the thirst of her own soul. It would be like a fountain springing up within her, bringing her peace, happiness, purpose and passion for life, both now, and in the hereafter. These are a few of the blessings of following Jesus.

But the thing that caught my attention is Jesus’ humble, vulnerable, almost child-like request: “Will you give me a drink?” This question amazes me. The creator of rivers, streams and springs of water, is asking for a drink of water!

The scripture says Jesus was tired from his journey, sat down at the well, and asked for a drink. This request reveals Jesus’ humble, vulnerable, fully human nature. Though he was Lord of all, he experienced weariness, thirst, and other needs, just as we all do. And, though he was the creator of all, he wasn’t too proud to ask for a small kindness from his own creation: “Will you give me a drink?”

Jesus offers to give us living water through a relationship with him, but he is also asking us to give him a drink as well. He wants us to invite him into our home and offer him a cup of friendship. How can I do that? What can I offer him?

God created mankind for friendship with himself. He walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, enjoying conversation and time with them, until their sin of disobedience broke their fellowship. And, ever since, God has sought a restored relationship with each one of us. In Jesus, God was asking the Samaritan woman, and us, to be reconciled and enjoy a cup of mutual friendship with him.

In John 15:15, Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants but friends.” Jesus is looking for friends, but how can I offer him anything?  He has everything.

Several things come to mind that I can offer him and I know he appreciates it. We can give him our time. Our time is one of the greatest gifts we can give to God.  A song I wrote says:

Put God First, give him the first moments of each day.
Every morning, slip from your bed and kneel to pray.
Before reading the news or watching TV, read your Bible carefully,
Put God First, Give him the first moments of each day.

Giving our time in prayer, reading, church attendance, and sharing the good news with others, are ways we can give to God. Giving financially is a way we can give to God. And, receiving communion is a way we can bring joy to Jesus also. 

In Luke 22:15, Jesus said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this last supper with you. Then, he broke the bread and served the juice and said, do this in remembrance of me. He wants to be remembered, loved and appreciated. Don’t we all? And, as he serves the cup of eternal life to us, we can serve a cup of joy to him if we will remember his sacrifice with deep reverence, gratitude, and forgiveness for others.

Then, I was reminded there is another way I can give a cup of water to Jesus.

In Matthew 10:42. Jesus said, if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded. And then he said in Matthew 25:40, I tell you the truth, when you do it for one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you are doing it to me.’

So, that’s how I can give a cup of water to Jesus: Give a cup of blessing to others! That’s how I can show kindness to him: Show kindness to others. I can serve him by serving others in love. And, in so doing, I’m refreshing the great heart of Jesus.

As parents and adults, we understand this. When children are playing nicely together — not fighting, being selfish, stingy, or mean — it pleases us, delights us and refreshes our own emotions. And so, when God sees his children, you and me, serving one another, loving one another, and building each other up, it refreshes his own soul with joy.

Thank you, dear friends, for refreshing the soul of our great God and King as you love and serve one another.

Dan Matney is the pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Avon. Email him at

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