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Dominique Taylor

Take a culinary tour around the world – all in a setting that feels very much like that place-around-the-block.

Take one step inside Matthews, and you’ll instantly feel at home. An inviting bar; a recently renovated, welcoming dining room; two sunny decks – it has all the makings of a local’s hangout.

Take one look at the menu, and you’ll know there are plenty of dishes to keep you intrigued, no matter how many times you come back. Travel to Asia with exotic fish offerings; to Italy with house-made ravioli; or stay right here in Colorado with the countless local ingredients and regional influences.

“Our culinary vision is to utilize the best quality ingredients to create a healthy, balanced and flavorful meal,” said Chef and owner Matt Jones.

Add to that an impressive wine list, delightful house specialty cocktails and friendly service – and you might be a regular before you know it.

The sheer length and diversity of the menu is the first thing you’ll notice. A plethora of starter options include the delicate tuna nachos, which have an excellent toasted sesame flavor, and the giant tempura tiger shrimp. Don’t miss the mushroom ravioli, served with a sinful creamy gorgonzola sauce. For a more American appetizer experience, try the Texas wild boar quesadillas with mango salsa, or the shrimp and brie chili relleno.

The entree menu again belies the International focus of the chef. “Our theme is a world cuisine with a seafood focus,” Jones said.

The coconut tempura Sea Bass (“from Australia, not Chile,” the ever-concious Elena was quick to point out), served with a refreshing pineapple-lime buerre blanc, is outstanding with its flavorful breading and delicate preparation. The macadamia halibut with red pepper puree also stands out, while the house-made black and white lobster ravioli took the trophy at our table. There’s even a Pad Thai on the menu. But fear not if you like to stick, culinary-ily, closer to home. The mesquite-smoked Colorado pork tenderloin is a favorite, as is the Colorado Lamb T-Bone.

Here’s the kicker: Matthew’s uses organic ingredients wherever possible, and regionally grown items most of the time.

“We really enjoy focusing on the health aspect of dining,” said Jones. “We’re very conscious of the quality and origin of our ingredients.”

Jones said that the secret to maintaining this approach while balancing the costs of running a restaurant are in strategic menu planning.

“We cross utilize wherever we can – if we offer a spinach salad, we’ll also do sauteed spinach with the entrees. That allows us to maximize use of the organic ingredients.”

So eat, drink, be merry – and rest assured that you’re getting only the best at Matthew’s.


69 Edwards Access Road #6

Edwards, CO 81632


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