Mauricio Cadavid joins Live for Balance integrated therapist team |

Mauricio Cadavid joins Live for Balance integrated therapist team

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Certified Hoshino therapist Mauricio Cadavid recently joined the team at Live for Balance in the Riverwalk at Edwards.
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EDWARDS — Live For Balance mind and body performance studio in The Riverwalk at Edwards recently brought on more healing hands with the addition of certified Hoshino therapist Mauricio Cadavid.

Liz Ziegler, owner of Live For Balance, said she hires talent to “move energy through others,” rather than to just perform a service.

“When I bring in a new team player, I am looking for true, authentic energy healers, and Mauricio definitely is that, so it was a very easy fit for our team,” Ziegler said.

Hoshino therapy is an acupressure-style of bodywork originally created by Tomezo Hoshino in Japan. It focuses on 290 basic points that lie along the tendons and uses whole-hand contact to address the points.

“Over time, we develop uncoordinated movement patterns that cause muscles, tendons and ligaments to contract and harden. Hoshino therapy helps release that,” Ziegler said. “At Live for Balance, we are trying to get the body to move and live as efficiently as we possibly can, and we do that by making sure your whole body is aligned and working properly.”

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Cadavid has been a Hoshino therapist for almost 20 years. He said the treatments are effective for all ages.

“I adjust my pressure to each person individually,” he said. “As each person is different, and each treatment is case by case, the more sensitivity in my hands towards tissue, the better the results. This sensitivity took over 15 years to develop, and it has enabled me to work on more serious injuries, acute or chronic situations.”

Hoshino has helped relieve many of Cadavid’s clients of pain, including a woman who has muscular dystrophy. He treats people looking for timely rehabilitation, athletic performance and wellness maintenance. Cadavid uses Hoshino to treat severe conditions such as major herniated disks, Rheumatoid arthritis, stenosis of the spine, severe sciatica and whiplash.

Severe conditions should be treated once or twice a week, and for anyone who is looking for physical maintenance, Cadavid recommends a treatment once or twice a month, or on an as-needed basis. What is key for physical wellness, he explains, is consistency.

Cadavid said Hoshino’s methodology also promotes daily stretching and specific movements for self-maintenance and prevention. This philosophy of encouraging longevity through specific movements, such as in Pilates, is found at Live for Balance, which makes Hoshino therapy and Live for Balance work hand-in-hand.

Live for Balance currently has an introductory offer of $120 per hour for first-time clients for a Hoshino treatment. For more information or to book a treatment, visit or call 970-926-9060.

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