Mausoleum will make space in Minutrn |

Mausoleum will make space in Minutrn

Dustin Racioppi
Minturn, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyThe Minturn, Colorado cemetery sits covered in snow Thursday in Minturn. The Minturn cemetery district is hoping to build a mausoleum at the cemetery.

MINTURN, Colorado ” In the Vail Valley’s only eternal resting place between Leadville and Eagle, the Minturn, Colorado cemetery has about 130 plots left.

Soon there may be at least 250 more if plans to build a 1,980 square-foot mausoleum are executed in the next few months.

Pending a building permit from the town’s planning department, the Cemetery District plans to construct a $1.3 million mausoleum that would hold 180 crypts for caskets and 72 niches for urns.

“We want to be starting by the end of April, beginning of May or as soon as possible,” said Floyd Duran, of the Cemetery District.

If the mausoleum is built, it would put to rest seven years of planning by the district, but there will still be major components the district intends to work on.

Like the Public Works building nearby, the mausoleum won’t immediately have a steady source of water or a working sewer system. The town water that would supply the mausoleum would only be seasonal because the line is so shallow that it freezes in the winter, Duran said.

For sewer, Duran said the plan is to install a waste holding tank that would be pumped out as needed. That will require a watershed permit from the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District.

“Right now our main goal is to get this building put up. Once we get this building started, then we can work out all the landscaping and everything else out,” Duran said. “We can’t start doing landscaping and everything, and then try and drop a building in there.”

The original plan included an office and a bathroom, but because that would require special permission from water district and hauling a sewer line over the Eagle River, the blueprints changed the bathroom to a storage space.

Duran will talk with the Town Council on Wednesday to see if the town is interested in cost-sharing the tank.

“We could be affected “positively affected “by that because we don’t have sewer service at the Public Works facility. We could tap into that,” interim Town Manager Gary Suiter said. “Right now it’s just basically a storage facility for the snowplows and equipment.”

But Suiter said the town has no plans to get into serious negotiations with the district until more progress is made and the council is more informed.

“There’s a number of things going on,” he said. “It’s sort of a wait and see thing for us.”

The Cemetery District, which collects taxes, has saved for this project and has the money ready to build the mausoleum. However, Duran said the spaces will pay for the building.

Once the building permit is obtained, then the project will go out to bid for construction “-an added bonus to moving ahead with the project this year, Duran said.

“The way the economic situation is here in the valley, this would create jobs for a year here for people,” he said.

The only thing Duran said looms is that permit. Town Planner Victor Villarreal said it will be issued when a revised plan is presented and the district gets the signature of the fire marshal, because there aren’t any hydrants nearby.

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