Mayhem in the ranks of Little League |

Mayhem in the ranks of Little League

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Baseball – Valerie YianacopolusThere’s nothing quite like the innocence of Little League where players’ contracts are always guaranteed: Win or lose, mom and dad will buy you an ice cream after the game. But did your parents ever say that you wouldn’t get your ice cream unless you kicked the crap out of another kid? No? Then your mom wasn’t Valerie Yianacopolus. Yianacopolus, who is not only a Little League parent but a board member as well, is being charged with assault and battery after she allegedly jumped into a fight between her 11-year-old son and another boy. Witnesses say that Yianacopolus was swearing and cheering on her son who had picked a fight with a boy who was rooting against his team. Allegedly, Yianacopolus then jumped into the melee and began kicking the other boy. As a result of the incident, Yianacopolus was removed from the board and has been banned from attending games or league functions for the rest of the season. Maybe if she’s really good, somebody will buy her an ice cream.4 Jerk PointsBasketball – Glenn RobinsonGlenn Robinson is not exactly taking a bite out of crime. On the contrary, he’s the one being bitten. The Atlanta forward was found guilty on domestic battery and abuse charges stemming from an incident last July. He was sentenced to one year of conditional discharge, which is a form of probation. In addition, he was also ordered to undergo anger management and complete five days of a work program. Not to mention he still has to play for the Hawks.2 Jerk PointsFootball – Durran LongHow did California University of Pennsylvanias Rodney Abercrombie die?Trying to escape his girlfriend’s crazed ex-boyfriend. While the senior defensive back was asleep in bed with girlfriend Melissa McCoy, ex-boyfriend Durran Long climbed onto an awning, broke a window and came in to the apartment. The two guys fought in the hallway before Abercrombie ran into a bedroom, shutting the door behind him. When Long broke the door down, Abercrombie jumped from the second story window and later died as the result of injuries suffered in the fall. Long is charged with aggravated assault and trespassing, among other things. Considering he killed a man, that’s getting off easy.7 Jerk PointsHockey – Joe ThorntonWhy did Joe Thornton turn down the chance to win gold with Canada at the World Championships? Because he had better things to do – Thornton wouldn’t want to waste valuable time that could be spent getting into bar brawls and fighting the police. Thornton was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with two counts of assaulting cops following a disturbance at Burty Bob’s Two in Thornton’s home town of St. Thomas. It must have been quite the melee – bouncers could not restore order and by time the cops had sorted things out, nine people were in custody, including the Bruins captain and his older brother John, though not before the hockey player had knocked a couple of cops to the ground. Perhaps it was for the best that Thornton stayed home – such behavior is not tolerated in international hockey.4 Jerk PointsSoccer – Panathinaikos FansHere’s a word of advice for anyone interested in the vacant coaching job at Panathinaikos: don’t apply! On Tuesday, following Sunday’s 3-0 defeat against arch-rivals Olympiakos, an angry mob of more than 250 fans stormed the team’s training ground, beating coach Sergio Markarian and smashing the players’ cars. The Athens police had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd, and 20 people were arrested. Three police officers suffered minor injuries in the clash, and to nobody’s surprise, Makarian quit his job after the incident. We can’t say that we blame him.5 Jerk PointsMisc – Anthony NunziataHarness racing Hall of Fame driver Mike Lachance needed fifteen stitches to close up his head. This was thanks to fellow driver Anthony Nunziata, who brought his helment down on Lachance’s head in the paddock following the second May 16 race at Freehold Raceway. Nunziata was &quotupset&quot about something involving racing, though police said it wasn’t clear whether it was from the second race, which Lachance didn’t ride. Lachance, for his part, said only that he was trying to calm down a situation when Nunziata &quotsucker punched me with his helmet.&quot Lachance, who brought Nunziata down in a headlock until the blood got worse from his head, missed the rest of that day’s and the next two days’ cards. Now that is one tough horseman.5 Jerk PointsFor more on sports Jerks like these check out

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