Mayor of Mexican city among five killed in shootout |

Mayor of Mexican city among five killed in shootout

VERACRUZ, Mexico – The mayor of a southern Mexican city was one of five people killed Friday during a highway shootout in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz that could have been drug-related, officials said.Police found three bullet-ridden bodies alongside a road in the city of Veracruz and the remains of a fourth man inside a vehicle nearby. A fifth victim was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but died a short time later, said Reynaldo Escobar, state interior secretary for Veracruz.Escobar said that Tadeo Manriquez, mayor of Ixtepec City in Oaxaca state, which borders Veracruz to the south, was among those killed.The mayor was apparently passing through the city of Veracruz en route to another destination and may have been riding with his city’s chief of police and his brother, Escobar said.Investigators said the deaths appeared to have been the result of a running shootout that began on the highway between two groups. Escobar said he could neither confirm or deny speculation that the shootout was drug related.

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