Mayor’s choice for Avon |

Mayor’s choice for Avon

The upcoming Avon Council election is very important to the future of the town. The best candidates for Avon Town Council are Kristi Ferraro, Amy Phillips, both incumbents, and newcomer Shari Peach. My recommendations are based not on who I expect might agree with me, but who has the passion, intellect, vision and collaborative skills that our town government needs to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Kristi Ferraro is a practicing attorney, married and mother of two boys. She has been a very significant contributor to the plans and actions of the Town Council during her first term of the last four years. She has demonstrated that her primary goals are to create an inviting and energetic town core, to make the most of Avon’s proximity to Beaver Creek, promote open space, parks and recreational opportunities within Avon, better use our beautiful natural setting on the Eagle River, protect our natural environment, strengthen Avon’s financial position and prudently manage taxpayer’s money, ensure that Avon always has housing that can be purchased and rented by locals and to enhance the sense of community in Avon.

Amy Phillips is married with two children. She and her husband Bill are actively engaged members of the community. Her background and profession is advertising and marketing in the events and hotel industries. Amy’s priorities are to implement the many plans already in progress to make our community more vital and sustainable for years to come, balance the needs of the businesses, citizens and residents with the desires of our guests and visitors, work with all stakeholders to shepherd the growth of a sustainable, desirable community. She has demonstrated the ability to work with staff and council on issues including the need for development to pay its own way and to benefit the current residents and taxpayers, working with Eagle County officials on regional issues such as transportation, open space and attainable housing options and making incisive financial decisions that maintain or reduce the tax burden on Avon’s current property owners and residents.

Ferraro and Phillips have been an integral part of the council team that has carefully planned, based on a very public and transparent process, the future of Avon. The needs and wants of our citizens have been asked for, heard and incorporated in the town’s plans. They have delivered better streets, recreational paths, pedestrian circulation, successful new development, fiscal conservatism and creative vision and town management.

Shari Peach is an anesthesiologist at the Vail Valley Medical Center, married and mother of two girls and lives in Wildridge with her family. She has assumed leadership positions at the hospital through committee appointments including the Women’s Health Section, Credentials Committee, and the Medical Staff Excellence Committee. Shari is very committed to the well-being of her patients and the community. Her background is impressive, including a rise from an impoverished childhood through her educational journey to a medical degree, career and family.

Now that she is settled in Avon she has the ability to pursue a life-long ambition to give back to her town by participating in citizen leadership and public service. Her professional and family experiences are valuable assets to the governance of Avon. She is very motivated and is the best candidate to round out the slate of three.

Avon has progressed far from the type of governance that was practiced in the past.

We cannot afford to elect someone who wants to return Avon to past days of governance with no planning, no vision, shoot from the hip “old-boy” decision making and not holding developers accountable for their impacts on our community. That kind of governance and elected officials gave us a poorly laid out town and the very naïve and onerous agreement with Magnus Lindholm.

Vote for Ferraro, Phillips and Peach to continue to achieve the vision of Avon being the best place to live, work and recreate.

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