McCain-Bush Hug Mobile hits Vail |

McCain-Bush Hug Mobile hits Vail

Chris Outcalt
Vail, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyHug Mobile driver Aaron Rubin, left, unveils a replica of a photo of Senator John McCain and President Bush hugging Wednesday in Vail, Colorado. Rubin has been showing off the "McBush" statue that represents that the two embrace eachother's ideas.

VAIL, Colorado ” The McCain = Bush Tour ” sponsored by the left-leaning advocacy group based in Denver ” kicked off in Denver on Oct. 12. On Wednesday, the group’s “Hug Mobile” made its way through Vail, Colorado.

Democrats have drawn comparisons between President Bush and Sen. John McCain since the Arizona senator won the party’s presidential nomination several months ago.

But few comparisons have been made the way is going about it ” bolting life-size statues of the Republicans hugging to a trailer and driving it around Colorado.

The statues are meant to depict a photograph where McCain is hugging Bush and resting his head on the president’s chest.

“In all fundamental respects, there’s not just a physical embrace but an embrace of ideas on the economy and Iraq,” said Hug Mobile driver Aaron Rubin. “On the things that really affect everyday people, their policies are identical and we thought this was a perfect representation of that.”

Since embarking on the tour a week and a half ago, Rubin has stopped in more than 15 towns across the state and parked the trailer outside a Sarah Palin rally at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.

Rubin plans to have the Hug Mobile in Durango on Friday in time for a John McCain event.

“I think McCain’s greatest weakness is that his policies are identical to the Bush Administration,” Rubin said. “If you like George Bush, you’re going to love John McCain.”

Most of the reaction to the life-size statues has been lighthearted, Rubin said.

“People think it’s hysterical,” he said “I’ll hear laughs a block away.”

Randy Milhoan, chairman of the Eagle County Republican Party, said the Hug Mobile is a political stunt and something people don’t really pay attention to.

“I think they (voters) have a much more sophisticated understanding of the campaign, especially as long as this election has been going on.”

Michael Huttner, executive director of ,said McCain and Bush have favored the same policies for years.

“On issue after issue, McCain and Bush embrace each other, so to speak,” Huttner said. “And not just a little embrace here and there, but a permanent hug.”

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