McCain would be cheaper |

McCain would be cheaper

With thanks to my friend Gilda Kaplan for this one.

From a financial perspective, without partisanship or favoritism as a deciding factor … what will the coming presidency cost the American public?

The law declares that after service, a president pension shall be $191,300 per year until he (or she) reaches the age of 80, when the pension stops.

Assuming the next president lives to that age, or beyond:

Sen. McCain would be the cheapest president, earning absolutely zero pension dollars, as he will reach the age of 80 before the end of a two-term presidency and therefore, does not qualify for a pension.

Sen. Obama, however, would be retired for 26 years following a two-term presidency, before reaching the age of 80.

Therefore, simple mathematics declares that while Senator McCain would receive zero dollars in pension funds, Senator Obama would receive total pension payments of $49,738,000. That is correct, the sum reads as nearly $50 million dollars. Not too bad for a job that lasts 2,922 days (assuming a two-term duration, which has been more the norm than one term), which translates to six, 365-day years and two (leap year) 366 day-years, at a rate of $17,021.90 per day more than would be received by McCain if elected.

So, if you are concerned about the economy of the nation, without political considerations, common sense demands that McCain is, by far, the better value for the buck.

Don’t you just love politics?

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