McCain’s local connection |

McCain’s local connection

Henri Stone, Chairm
Committee to Elect John McCain

Dr. and Mrs. Hasan were most gracious hosts for a captivating educational late afternoon session on the character and policy positions of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain. Contrary to the Vail Daily’s report, this event was not a fundraiser, but an opportunity to meet Col. Tom Kirk, a five-year POW in Vietnam who survived torture prisons and extreme hardship with John McCain.

Colonel Kirk’s heartfelt testimony about the brilliant leadership ability of John McCain and his refusal to leave his comrads when offered an early release ” knowing that severely cruel punishment would follow ” was an inspiration to all of us. Jack Kemp spoke about the nuts and bolts of John McCain’s economic plan. It became very obvious that John McCain has a very specific plan for simultaneously revitalizing the economy, lowering gas prices and creating a national energy program that would free us from foreign oil independence.

It was an opportunity for people that were undecided about their choice for president to gain facts based on substantial information on about this presidential candidate. The Committee to Elect John Mcain wishes to thank Dr. and Mrs. Hasan for opening their home to us for this informative session. We appreciate the large attendance from all parts of the Vail Valley. Thanks for attending.

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