McCain’s no maverick |

McCain’s no maverick

I can’t believe that anyone would vote for McCain after the statement that he made in front of millions of viewers at the debate last Tuesday. He said that he knows where bin Laden is hiding and he knows how to get him, but he doesn’t want to give up his secret in front of Obama because he might steal his idea.

This is not a hero, or a patriot, this is an idiot on a huge ego trip. He and his wife have the gall to say that Obama doesn’t care about the troops when he says that he knows how to get bin Laden, but doesn’t want to divulge his secret unless he gets the nomination.

This guy is either a big liar or he is just an idiot and will do anything to get him and his wife into the White House.

How can any sane American vote for someone like this?

And if he is lying, which he probably is, he is just following in the steps of the Bush administration like he always has.

Maverick … what a joke.

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