McInnis avoiding debates in Colorado governor’s race |

McInnis avoiding debates in Colorado governor’s race

DENVER, Colorado – Colorado gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis is avoiding debates with Josh Penry, his rival in the Republican primary.

McInnis’ campaign manager, Mike Hesse, says the focus needs to be on beating Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter next year instead of on debates that could lead to intraparty squabbles.

Hesse says the last thing McInnis wants is a primary similar to those that have plagued the party in recent years.

Some Republicans think that primary battles in the U.S. Senate race in 2004 between Pete Coors and Bob Schaffer and in the gubernatorial race in 2006 between Bob Beauprez and Marc Holtzman helped Democrats win in both races.

Penry and the other GOP candidate, Dan Maes, have appeared at more candidate forums than McInnis.

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