Meadow Mountain students discuss energy |

Meadow Mountain students discuss energy

Meadow Mountain students
Vail, CO, Colorado

Editor’s note: Here are letters from students at Meadow Mountain Elementary School of Expeditionary Learning:

Wind power

I want people to use wind power. First, wind power never ends. There will always be wind, and it will always blow, but fossil fuels do run out. Also, wind power doesn’t burn fossil fuels. carbon dioxide comes out when we burn fossil fuels. With too much carbon dioxide, the earth gets hot and it makes fish die. Finally, smoke from the fossil fuels is dirty. With wind power, there is no smoke. This will cause less pollution. Please use wind power.

Maria Velasco Second grade

Plug for windmills

Every house in the community should have a windmill. First, windmills save fossil fuels because it takes millions of years to form fossil fuels. We should try to save fossil fuels so we have them in the future. Next, windmills are eco-friendly. They don’t pollute. When they work, they don’t dirty the air, so we can breathe. Finally, windmills don’t put carbon dioxide into the air. Windmills don’t use coal, oil or natural gas, which create carbon dioxide that traps heat inside the Earth. Then it makes Earth hotter. If more people get windmills, that means more eco-friendly homes. With more eco-friendly homes, we can make Earth a better place.

August Mayer Third grade

Solar panels work

I think we should use solar panels. First, solar panels don’t waste fossil fuels, which take a long time to make again. Next, we should use solar panels because it doesn’t hurt Earth. Fossil fuels get dug out of the earth, which makes our atmosphere dirty and makes holes in Earth. Finally, we should use solar panels because they don’t make global warming. Solar panels don’t make carbon dioxide, which goes into the atmosphere and traps heat in and make the ice caps melt. That’s why we need solar panels.

Yesely Diaz Third grade

Conserve electricity

Everybody should use less electricity. The first reason I want people to use less electricity is because when you use electricity, you are burning fossil fuels. That is bad because fossil fuels help us get electricity, and we don’t want to waste them because one day they could run out. The second thing is, when we use electricity, we are making carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide causes global warming. Global warming makes the polar bears’ home melt. The third reason is that, when we burn fossil fuels, we are causing pollution. Pollution is bad to our Earth. It makes us not breathe well, and it is bad for our nature. That’s why I want people to use less electricity.

Alondra Samudio Third grade

Go solar

You should use solar power. Use solar power instead of fossil fuels because solar power doesn’t make smoke. The smoke makes the air dirty. Also, solar power is very important because fossil fuels are going to run out. When the fossil fuels run out, we are not going to be able to use them anymore. Finally, you should use solar power because it doesn’t make carbon dioxide. If we don’t make carbon dioxide, we won’t have global warming. Please use solar power.

Valeria Lopez Second grade

Save energy

We should save energy. First, we could save fossil fuels. Saving fossil fuels is important because they give us energy and they don’t last long. Fossil fuels take a long time to form, and they would take millions of years to come back. Fossil fuels are very precious, and some day they will all be gone. Second, if we save energy, we could stop global warming from warming the Earth. With fossil fuels, we make electricity, and when we burn them, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and causes global warming. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which means it is like a greenhouse and it traps heat on Earth. If it is too hot, plants don’t grow and the sea gets hot and plankton can die. If plankton die, the other fish can’t find food and they die, too. We should save energy because it’s precious and we want to help our environment. Please save energy!

Varonessa Roman Third grade

Yes, conserve

We need to save energy. First, we should save energy so we don’t pollute. Pollution is bad for our air because pollution isn’t supposed to be in our air. Second, we should save energy so we don’t burn fossil fuels. Fossil fuels won’t last forever. They are nonrenewable. Third, we should save energy so we don’t run out of it. If we run out, we won’t have any electricity left. I hope you start saving energy.

Marilyn Parra Third grade

Alternatives best

We should start using alternative energy. First, we will not have to make big holes in the Earth. We ruin our environment and landscape when we do that. Also, it would be good for our environment. Fossil fuels add to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, so it traps heat like a greenhouse. Too much carbon dioxide causes global warming. Finally, it’s free. It never runs out. You never have to pay someone to find wind or sun, and it never stops coming! Sun and wind energy are OK, but I don’t think we should use hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity costs more and ruins our environment. Animals have a hard time with the dams. Thanks for your time!

Katie Bellerose

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