Mechanic Shop – Best of Vail Valley 2020 |

Mechanic Shop – Best of Vail Valley 2020

Best Mechanic Shop

1. BWP Motorsports

2. Leadfoot Linda’s Garage

3. Kiwi Auto Repair

Hunter Schleper’s ski and snowboarding career has closed, but his love of powder remains. That love, and the love of dirt bikes and other motorized toys, led him to start BWP Motorsports.

Schleper’s dad, Buzz, owns Buzz’s Boards in Vail, so Hunter has had a lifetime of learning about customer service and quality work. He’s carried over those lessons to BWP.

Schleper’s been crazy about dirt bikes since he was a youngster, buying his first machine by selling golf balls he’d picked up on the EagleVail golf course. He also quickly had to learn how to fix that bike and other machines.

That love of motorized fun led him to chase powder on snowmobiles and snow bikes.

Along with a mechanic friend, he soon had the idea to open BWP. The shop is moving from East Vail to EagleVail in 2020.

-Scott Miller

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