Mechanical senior eyes car career |

Mechanical senior eyes car career

Cindy Ramunno

In the near future, a talented young man will be driving us to new frontiers. We’ve all seen cars that we think are gorgeous … and we’ve seen some hideous ones too. Josh Smith ” a senior set to graduate from Vail Mountain School this spring ” will pursue a career designing the future cars that we will (hopefully) drive. Smith will study Mechanical Engineering and Art next fall.

Smith was born and raised in the valley and has attended Vail Mountain from kindergarten on up. He’s the oldest of 3 kids in his family ” younger sister Anna is a junior and younger brother Zach is an 8th grader at the school. Smith became interested in cars when he was 16 year old and has never looked back.

At school, Smith participated in soccer and ski team. His extra-curricular activities outside of school were a little more intense. At 9 years old, he started to become serious about on-road biking and at 13, he started mountain biking. His dad introduced him to both. “A few of my friends and I participate in some pretty crazy races,” laughs Smith. One of those races was the “24 hours in Moab.” These boys compete in races that most of us wouldn’t consider.

Smith’s parents thought Vail Mountain would provide their children with a good education and they were right. “The school really helps with college admissions and is very supportive of sports,” explains Smith. Smith’s senior project (where seniors study one area of interest and write a 25 page report on the subject) is on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells ” Automotive Application. Part of Smith’s research was to attend the National Renewable Energy Lab in Denver. “It helped a lot to attend that ” it was very informative,” says Smith.

Smith will miss being on the Nordic Ski Team the most at school and he says Mr. Bandoni was the teacher who had the biggest positive impact on him as a student. Smith thinks the best car on the market right now is the Porsche. In a few years, you might see something that looks a little better than that ” and the designer might be one of our own.

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