Medical group opens Eagle office |

Medical group opens Eagle office

Kathy Heicher
Vail, CO, Colorado
dtaylor@vaildaily.comPhysical therapist Miki Blanchard works a client through some core strengthening exercises Tuesday at the Vail Intergrative Medical Group office. The new business at Eagle Ranch offers a variety of wellness disciplines from massage and physical therapy to chiropractic and neurological services.

This valley is a paradise for people with active lives. But along with the skiing, hiking, biking, and boating come unexpected injuries.

Vail Integrative Medical Group is here to help. Located adjacent to he soon-to-be open Eagle Ranch Fitness Center, the group is independent of other local medical groups and hospitals.

It is also a multi-disciplinary clinic. The staff includes a mix of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and a neurologist, who all specialize in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries and other disorders.

The practice also handles people with worker’s compensation claims, and treats patients before and after surgery. The group’s goal is to return patients to their active lifestyles as soon as possible.

“Our patients get better faster because we use a whole wellness, multi-discipline approach,” said physical therapist Miki Blanchard.

Vail Integrative Medical Group has been in the valley for the last dozen years, with offices in Vail and Edwards. When many of clinic’s original patients migrated downvalley, the practice followed, Blanchard said.

What’s unique about the new Eagle location is the next-door gym. Vail Integrative Medical Group staffers have the option of sending their patents into the gym, while continuing one-on-one treatments.

The staff works to solve problems from different perspectives and disciplines.

The various professionals at Vail Integrative Medical Group can work with clients on programs that include recovering from an injury, building an exercise program, pain management, or building strength for a return to work.

Clinical psychologist. Dr. Michele Laasi recently joined the group, and can provide help with pain management, sports psychology, or worker’s comp issues.

Clients work with the professionals ” there are no aides or assistants. Individual programs could include exercise, neurology, acupuncture, injections for pain, or work with a psychologist, and the group accepts all insurance.

In promoting family and community wellness, Vail Integrative Medical Group offers a “wellness membership” package of chiropractic visits, massage therapy, and physical therapy. Patients at the Eagle Ranch facility also have access to the group’s Vail and Edwards offices.

Vail Integrative Medical Group has long had a presence at local events including the Honda Series, the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour, Winter Gravity Games, and the Vail Recreation District’s summer mountain bike race series.

Vail Integrative Medical Group is open for business, but the Eagle office plans a grand in early July. Until June 30 customers can introduce themselves to the business with a free, half-hour massage, and complimentary physical therapy or chiropractic screenings.

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