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Tom Boyd

There are many of you out there who have 9-to-5 jobs, working away at the daily grind, never seeing the winter sun until the weekend comes.Well, I used to feel sorry for you people.But those days have changed.I know what you’re up to; I’ve figured out your game; I’ve seen Office Space.And I know: You’re not really working, are you? Maybe here and there you put in a little work. Maybe you show up at the meetings and say really intelligent-sounding things. But most of the time you’re just kind of staring into space, thinking about nothing in particular, wishing you had a better view out the window.And what do you do with the rest of your time?You surf the Web.Or worse you read your weekly newspaper in print form, searching for a bit of informative entertainment in your otherwise slow-moving day.Admit it.In fact, if you’re a local valley rez, you’re probably at work right now, reading this newspaper column instead of ringing the cash register, or dusting store shelves, or making that critical phone call, or ordering more pencils, or doing all the other stuff your boss would really, really like you to be doing but you’re NOT doing it because you’re reading THIS.And you’re clicking your mouse and squinting so that, in case somebody looks over at your desk, it’ll look like you’re reviewing some critical file upon which the whole company depends.And the masters, the true masters out there (and you know who you are) are holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder, pretending to be carrying on a conversation while the dial tone beeps a sweet, meaningless symphony of procrastination, holding the newspaper in your lap and trying to figure out the impossible 25-down crossword clue on page 19.Well don’t worry it’s TWIRL. T-W-I-R-L.As in, you’re twirling your hair right now instead of working.Well, who am I to be so high and mighty?In fact, I procrastinated for 25 minutes in the time between when I wrote “high” and when I wrote “mighty.”Not that you can tell.But I have my own little ways of procrastinating. Lately, for example, I’ve enjoyed watching Allen Knox, our publisher, struggle mightily with the downstairs fax machine (a battle which he’s losing, by the way, at the expense of an exploded toner cartridge and several reams of fax paper).But I, too, am one of the many Websurfers that keep this great nation entertained as we take our much-needed breaks from the daily grind. In my world, however, the lines between work and play are quite blurry (more blurry than I think Mr. Knox would like them to be, actually).So when I strap on my metaphorical surfboard and metaphorically step into the virtual world, I try and feed my info-hunger with a balanced diet. In order to help you all do the same, here are a few Web sites that readers and friends have sent my way and which I recommend, not only for a good procrastination session, but to help bring nutrition to curious (take an IQ test and figure out if you actually ARE smarter than your co-workers) (learn the many ways the Bush administration is misleading the public) (to match your personality to a presidential candidate, just like a dating service pairs you with prospective mates) (pretty self-explanatory, and super accurate) (to find out the news weeks before television news begins to cover it) (to hear the news from a group that isn’t corporate or profit motivated) (to vote on how good looking other people are surprisingly time-consuming) (for a condensed review of worldwide happenings) (to stay on top of avalanche conditions) (kayakers, backcountry skiers, and hours and hours of addictive blabbing on and on about mountain issues)Tom Boyd can be reached for comment at (970) 390-1585 or

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