Meet the Vail Valleys top single women |

Meet the Vail Valleys top single women

Sarah Mausolf and Caramie SchnellVail, CO, Colorado
Illustration by Amanda Swanson

EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO We were tempted to keep the valleys top single ladies to ourselves just stash their digits in our little black books.Alas, journalistic integrity demands we share them with the public.

So without further ado, the Vail Daily is pleased to announce the winners of our bachelorette contest.Get ready to meet a hometown girl with a sporty side, a sexy single mom, a passionate chef, a flirty realtor and a Judo champion who throws kick-butt parties.These ladies will surely fetch a high price at our auction at Finnegans Wake Tuesday night. Thats right: youll have a chance to bid on dates with the valleys top five bachelors and bachelorettes. Proceeds will go to the Vail Valley Salvation Army.We received more than 60 nominations for the contest and they were so intriguing, we had a tough time whittling them down. But with the help of Vail Daily judges and past contest winners, we made our picks. Check them out.

Town: AvonAge: 24Job: Assistant director of Buddy Mentors through the Resource Center of Eagle Countys Avon officeHobbies: Ice hockey, hiking, snowboarding, skiing and camping.This hometown girl is a bit of a tomboy. Whether shes playing ice hockey with her womens league, snowboarding or exploring the outdoors, she embraces all things sporty. But she isnt just about fun and games. LeFevre spends her days educating youth and advocating for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Bubbly and outgoing, she has an endearing sense of humor. Im not a perma-grin person by any means, but Im definitely happy, she said.VD: What are your deal breakers?KL: You cant not be funny. You have to have a sense of humor. If youre just kind of dry and take things too seriously, that really gets to me. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. I like somebody that just is willing to goof around and doesnt take things too seriously in general, whether its life or work or any of the above.VD: Whats the worst pickup line youve ever heard?KL: I had a guy jump out of the bushes once and say: Stop, collaborate and listen. His name I guess was Rich: and he said, Rich is back with a brand new invention. He got creativity points, though.VD: Whats your biggest flaw and why is it hard to date you?KL: The one complaint that Ive gotten from almost everyone Ive dated is that I am tardy. Im late a lot and I kind of operate on my own clock too much sometimes without really taking certain things into consideration. Ill be like, Oh, Ill be there in an hour. Then Ill start doing laundry or take a phone call or something, and that can actually get really annoying.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?KL: I was raised here, in the valley, and Im still here so everything as far as activities I did when I was younger hockey, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping all of those things are things that I love doing now. Im still doing them. I was raised in a family of three girls and my mom and two female dogs, and female fish and just my dad, so working with the womens shelter and the resource center, I care about women and whether or not theyre being respected. My dad, because he didnt have boys, he tried to get a little bit of masculinity into us. I really like sports, especially football. But I havent left so I like my childhood a lot. I havent tried to escape it at all.VD: Wheres the most interesting place youve ever had sex?KL: This goes in the paper? Can we just say: Ive never had sex?VD: What are you most afraid of?KL: Im afraid of spiders and Im afraid of getting lost in money or career and ending up doing something I dont enjoy doing. Its really important to me to always be making myself happy and doing things I like to do before I start making other people happy, but its really important that I dont lose that in myself. Otherwise, I wont be able to contribute to the greater society, I guess. But spiders, too. I dont like them at all.

Town: EdwardsAge: 49Job: Self-employed real estate developer and interior designer.Hobbies: Skiing, volunteering, water skiing, home improvement and snowshoeing.This sassy, single mom views life as an adventure. She moved to the Vail Valley to reinvent herself after an unexpected turn of events and has since racked up an impressive list of accomplishments. Gustafson built a duplex in Singletree and launched two successful businesses. Friendly and independent, her only flaw is that shes a bit of a perfectionist.VD: What are your deal breakers?MG: A deal-breaker is if he doesnt have a sense of humor and he takes himself too seriously. Its kind of hand in hand. Another deal-breaker is someone who doesnt know how to give and take. Theres a lot of people out there who are just fine with things as long as it accommodates them, but they have no idea how to go that extra mile. Its hard to be on the side of things where one person is going the extra mile and the other person doesnt want to.VD: Why are you single?MG: My ex-husband walked out on my daughter and I after we got back from China. We adopted a little baby girl from China and he was having an affair with his secretary and ran away and I overnight kind of lost the life I knew and it was devastating and I moved up here to try and get a grip on how to start over and build a new life. And I have been so blessed and so fortunate, just landed well and I really believe if you dont take the bad things that happen in life, as unexpected and as crazy as they can be, if you dont find a way to make them good, then you loose. You absolutely have got to take the things that happen and learn from them. Otherwise, you suffer for nothing. VD: Tell me a joke.MG: My daughter has a little book that she just laughs and laughs over and it has all these riddles like: What has legs but cant walk? A table. What has eyes but cant see? A potato.VD: Whats your biggest flaw and why is it hard to date you?MG: Oh, its easy to date me but I am a little bit of a perfectionist. Throughout my business its kind of like, well Im not going to pay somebody to do that (which) I can do it better myself.Ive been told Im intimidating and I think thats because Im accomplished. Ive been very fortunate and very blessed to be very successful with what Ive done and I dont know if some men dont like that. They want a woman to be a little needier. I dont know if that would sound good in print but from woman to woman, I can tell you that.VD: Who would play you in a made-for-TV movie?MG: Oh, Ellen Barkin. Have you ever seen the movie The Big Easy? Shes kind of sassy and she has his very irregular face and shes pretty in a quirky way but I like her attitude. She has a good attitude.VD: Whats your biggest love life regret?MG: Not knowing what I know now when I was in my 20s. I can think of a couple boyfriends I had in my 20s that would make much better life partners than what I ended up choosing. Thats because, when youre 20 and youre a girl, you dont necessarily know what it takes to make the long haul.

Town: EdwardsAge: 32Job: Executive chef and co-owner of Dish Restaurant in EdwardsHobbies: Yoga, music, great food and wine, dinner parties, hiking, snowshoeing and reading.Jenna Johansen cooked her way straight into our hearts. Deeply passionate about food and wine, this foxy chef spent a year honing her culinary talent in Italy. Her skill is evident in the cuisine she serves at her restaurant, Dish. Outside the kitchen, Johansen finds time to strike yoga poses and hang out with her yellow lab, Bella. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I would say that Im a free spirit, she said.VD: What are your deal breakers?JJ: Neediness, gold chains, visible chest hair, lack of compassion and lack of sense of humor.VD: Why are you single?JJ: I havent been blessed with meeting the right person yet. Im picky. For me its more about the journey, and my career makes it very difficult for me to meet people. Most people I meet at work and theyre on dates with other people. And that makes it tough quite honestly, Im not a barfly. Thats my hardest, hardest thing. VD: Which relationship affected you the most and why?JJ: Pollyanna (Jennas business partner in Dish restaurant), because she taught me 10 years ago that its completely acceptable to live your life with unbridled passion and to teach yourself that life isnt made to be a sacrifice, its made to be a pleasure. VD: Whats your most embarrassing moment and how did you react?JJ: I dont get very embarrassed actually. Lets see, one day in Italy I was walking with my friends and we were talking about the fact that I was captain of the poms in high school and I was showing them how I could do a great kick and my Danish friend said, I cant do that, Ill rip my jeans. I said, I wont, watch this. I totally ripped my pants open and I had to wear them all day to work for 12 hours and I couldnt afford to buy any more because theyre so expensive in Europe. So I wore an apron for the entire day and to the grocery story to buy groceries.VD: Whats the most risky thing youve ever done?JJ: Scrapping my entire life and moving to Italy for a year and number two, scrapping my life in Denver, renting my house and moving up here to open Dish with no business plan, no lease and no money. But it all comes together. Everything happens for a reason. VD: Whats your coping mechanism?JJ: Yoga, good friends, sometimes a cocktail, accupuncture and foie gras.

Town: Eagle-VailAge: 27Job: Realtor with Sonnenalp Real Estate in Vail. Hobbies: Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, wakeboarding, traveling, spending time outdoors and tennis.Just because Corey Lamothe sells houses for a living, that doesnt mean she likes to sit at home. Here in the valley, she enjoys dining out, checking out music shows and hitting the mountain. Further afield, Lamothe has been known to get extreme by bungee jumping in Switzerland and hiking volcanos in Nicaragua. Friendly and funny, this Colorado native enjoys getting involved in her community.VD: What are your deal breakers?CL: Jealousy. Lack of humor or enjoyment or being able to travel and have fun. Im not a fan of somebody who doesnt have questions about me. I do not like people who are rude or inconsiderate of others.VD: Why are you single?CL: I was in a relationship for about two-and-a-half years and that ended about six months ago and I dont want to make some of the same mistakes that I made in that relationship so Im taking it a little bit more seriously this time. Im also single because Im pretty darn independent and I hold some high standards for myself.VD: Whats your biggest flaw and why is it hard to date you?CL: Im very friendly and outgoing so I can naturally flirt a little bit too much. Im also very independent so Im not good at being told what to do. I like to fly by the seat of my panys a lot. (Im) very spontaneous and some people really dont like spontaneity.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?CL: I come from two very great parents who are still happily married and I think that it has allowed me to be a very self-confident person who is very independent. And Ive always been an overachiever. I think when I was growing up I was taught responsibility, independence and was given a lot of family support to always strive for my goals. And thats led me to being a very independent woman now. I also have seen a lot of true love at its best and I appreciate that from my parents.VD: Who would play you in a made-for-TV movie?CL: Ive always been told I look like a mix between Jennifer Aniston and Phoebe, whatever her real name is, I think because my personality reflects both of their personalities on Friends. Ive never really watched the show that much but thats what Ive been told.VD: Whats the most risky thing youve ever done?CL: Skiing with my ex-boyfriend and traveling to other countries by myself as a woman.Another risky thing I did is hiking a volcano, hiking the backside of a volcano in Nicaragua. Bungee jumping over a lake in Switzerland, the highest legal bungee jump in the world.VD: What are you most afraid of?CL: A really bad car accident. Im afraid of rejection at times. Who isnt?

Town: VailAge: 38Job: Financial controller at Vail Cascade Club condosHobbies: Karaoke, snowboarding, cooking, reading, long walks, people watching/listening, Judo and contact sports.This reformed city girl was born and raised in Queens, New York, making her Vails own Jenny from the block. Back in the Big Apple, Maria Sison was a New York state judo champion. After living and working in Manhatten for 10 years, Sison up adn moved to the mountains, and shes here to stay, she said. Dont be surprised if you find Sison trying to rally a last minute tackle football game in between planning her next roll-your-own sushi party. Not surprisingly, this self-described extrovert says her favorite hobby of all is laughing.If I had a super power in this world I would want the power to make everyone smile, just for a second, she said.VD: What are your deal breakers? MS: Broken promises, thats a major deal breaker. Beyond that, insincerity. Oh and bad shoes. Shoes really tell you what kind of personality a person has. Tempers. Tempers indicate anxiety or impatience, whereas I like people to be patient and take the time to understand. VD: Why are you single?MS: I dont know, honestly. I feel like a lot of times its my own fault. I have high standards and Im slightly old fashioned not that I disregard other peoples lifestyles, I dont want to change anyone I just want to be an important part of someones life. The deal breakers I mentioned earlier, insincerity and broken promises, thats part of the reason maybe. I just think the people I try to have relationships with tend to want to try to please me right away and then I get disappointed. VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today? MS: Growing up with two brothers, being the only girl in the middle and being really close to them, I expect a lot from someone who wants to date me. I adore (my brothers) and we just take care of each other and we each have a personality that compliments each other. I am the nurturing sister (who) takes care of my baby brother and my older brother. I make sure they eat healthy. Im like the mom to them. And thank God I had them, I would be a completely different person without them. Who I am today is a result of my relationships with my family. My mother wanted to make sure we were exposed to everything. We traveled a lot. She worked for the United Nations and she worked really hard to give us everything that we could use to become the mature, wonderful adults we are today. VD: Who would play you in a made-for-TV movie? MS: I would say Catherine Zeta Jones. If theres any movie star I look like, its her. For personality, it would be Sandra Bullock because shes a little wacky. VD: Wheres the most interesting place youve ever had sex?MS: Thats assuming Ive had sex, correct? Let me think. On an ATV. VD: Whats your biggest love life regret? MS: Hesitation in telling people how I truly feel because I fear that it wouldnt be reciprocated. Arts & Entertainment writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 748-2938 or Arts & Entertainment editor Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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