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Meet Vails top bachelors

Sarah Mausolf & Caramie SchnellVail, CO, Colorado
Illustration by Amanda Swanson

EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO Our bachelors put on their game faces. They posed for pictures. And they answered a laundry list of questions everything from Whats your biggest flaw? to Wheres the most interesting place youve ever had sex?Now, (drumroll please) the Vail Daily is thrilled to announce the valleys top five bachelors. Get ready to meet an architect with a naughty side, an outdoorsman with a soft spot for dogs, a TV producer with a culinary flair, a golf pro with a southern twang and Vails own McDreamy.

Weve spent enough time oogling them. Now, its your turn. Come to Finnegans Wake in Avon Tuesday night to bid on dates with the winners. Proceeds from the auction will flow to the Vail Valley Salvation Army. Along with the stud parade, expect to bid on Vails top bachelorettes. Check out tomorrows paper to find out which local ladies earned the coveted title.Since the Vail Daily kicked off the contest Nov. 2, we have received more than 60 nominations. Its been tough cozying up to the valleys most adorable singles but, hey, someone had to do it.

Town: EdwardsAge: 25Occupation: designer with Berglund Architects LLC in EdwardsHobbies: Backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, playing pool, hiking, biking and riding his motorcycle.On paper, Keegan Winkeller comes off as a straight-laced, career-oriented guy, which is half the truth. Not only does Winkeller design homes for a living, he owns his own condo in Miller Ranch. He has a sense of civic duty, too: This U.S. Marine recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. Dig a little deeper, though, and you discover Winkeller has a wild side. From speeding on his motorcycle to skydiving, this self-described introvert fears nothing well, except maybe showing his emotions.VD: What are your deal breakers?KW: Its just kind of your typical stuff. Lying. Cheating. The main thing I look for is just honesty. If a girls not able to do that, I dont want to be with her.VD: Whats your biggest flaw and why is it hard to date you?KW: Sometimes I can be a little bit too introverted, I guess. I can imagine that being difficult for a girl sometimes. I dont really voice my emotions as much as a girl would like, probably.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?KW: First off, I had a very rare childhood, I think because of where I grew up. I grew up here sort of in the Vail Valley, but up on Tennessee Pass, out in the middle of the boondocks. So a lot of times it was just me and my brother, being kids, being boys, finding trouble. I think its really made both me and my brother just very independent, goal-oriented kids, like we always set our minds to what were going to do and we always end up doing it.VD: Whats the most risky thing youve ever done?KW: Ah, how much time do you have? Ive gone skydiving. Ive gone to Iraq. Ive gone on spontaneous road trips just on a whim, just got in the car and went to Disneyland, its not really risky but spontaneous. When I was 16, me and my brother, on a family vacation, waited for our parents to go to sleep and we went out and spent the night with a cab driver in the slums of Puerto Vallarta with some of the shiftiest guys Ive ever known and theyre just like, Hey, have a cerveza.[Ive] Gone 160 mph on my motorcycle. Me and my brother, one time we saw the movie Vanishing Point, where a bet was made they can make it from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. The guy in the movie failed but we were successful.VD: What are you most afraid of?KW: Saying no to something great, a new experience. Not living life, kind of. Just a fear that keeps me going, making sure Im doing what Im doing.VD: Which relationship affected you the most and why?KW: That would have to be my high school sweetheart probably. It was four-year relationship and pretty much when you spend that much time with somebody you get to know everything about them, inside and out, kind of a relationship where youre finishing each others sentences and their thoughts and once you move on from a relationship, pretty much every single person I use that as kind of a basis for comparison.

Town: West VailAge: 26Occupation: Trauma consultant with Vail Valley Medical CenterHobbies: reading and education, family time, full moon activities and restoration of old refrigerators (because he likes to keep the world cool).This worldly bachelor has toured 36 countries and lived on three continents. Why are we thrilled he settled in Vail? As a trauma consultant with Vail Valley Medical Center, he assists with surgeries on many of the broken bones that happen on the mountain. We break. He tries to put everyone back together. Gregarious and confident, Powell is fluent enough in Spanish to conduct a date in the romance language. Me gusta.VD: What are your deal breakers?CP: Smoking, right off the bat. Done. Im pretty open other than that. I cant think of anything else that really gets me unless theyre being too vanilla is also a deal breaker. I need someone who can challenge me a little bit and make me think, so if you dont have any personality, Im not gonna last long with you.VD: Why are you single?CP: I think a couple different reasons that Im probably single. One of them is my job is sometimes difficult to deal with. I dont have a set schedule, which is great because I can get up and do whatever I want to when I want to. I dont have to go to the office Monday morning at 9 a.m. but at the same time I could be out to dinner with you or with whoever it may be and a trauma rolls in and unfortunately I have to bail on you. So whether or not work is my priority, its perceived that way just based on the fact that peoples lives are more important than a dinner, so its just my responsibility. Other than that, I think Im just slightly picky.VD: Whats the worst pickup line youve ever heard?CP: In eighth grade, I did a demonstrative speech on how not to pick up a girl and Im trying to remember some of the pickup lines I used in that. I dont know, theres some pretty awful ones out there. Actually well throw this one at you. My buddy, this was a fraternity buddy, actually said do you want to come upstairs and check out my computer?VD: Which relationship affected you the most and why?CP: I think the one thats affected me most is my ex-girlfriend who I moved to Spain with, actually, and I moved back before she did and it just showed me that a lot of distance creates a lot of room for distrust and jealousy, not on my side but unfortunately on her side. So I think thats probably the trait that Im most turned off by. That might even be another deal breaker: jealousy and distrust.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?CP: I was definitely raised more by my mother. I dont want to say Im a mammas boy but I think I understand a fair amount about women, my sister as well. My father passed away when I was a freshman in high school, so I think I just have a lot of time with my mom and understanding of how, between her and how my sister reacted to that, I think I understand people in general pretty well. And then also just dealing with losing my father at the age of 14, I think that just forced me to grow up a little sooner than I would have liked, but I think that was a good thing. It made me responsible and it definitely put the head on my shoulders that I have today.VD: Wheres the most interesting place youve ever had sex?CP: Over the Atlantic

Town: AvonAge: 25Occupation: Bellman at Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Avon; self-employed quality management consultant for businesses.Hobbies: Hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling and camping.Any woman who dates John Childers must get along with the other female in his life: his 2-year-old English bulldog, Bella. Shes definitely the love of my life, he said. Passionate and genuine, this outdoorsmans biggest flaw is caring too much about the people in his life. When he isnt busy hiking with Bella, Childers fine-tunes his consulting business and works as a bellman at the Ritz. We love a man in uniform.VD: What are your deal breakers?JC: I would say somebody thats not very adventurous. Somebody that doesnt like Bella. And thats pretty much it.VD: Why are you single?JC: I would say that Im single just because I just moved about a year ago and sometimes Im kind of a loner. I just do my own thing and I would say theres probably some element of shyness, but once you get me started talking, I cant stop.VD: Which relationship affected you the most and why?JC: I dated a girl in Orlando for four years and we actually had dogs together and a house together and that meant the most to me because I learned a lot about myself and was able to overcome a lot of issues within that four years and also, it turned into a bad situation so I was able to get away from that and learn a lot of valuable lessons from it.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?JC: My childhood has a great influence on who I am today because Im very close with my father and my mother but my father showed me how you can be a very successful business man and a very successful father as well. I never felt that, even though he traveled three weeks out of the month a lot of times, I never felt like he was taking his job over myself. He was always there for the important things like my basketball games and everything like that. So it shows me that no matter how hard life gets, you can still have priorities and obtain those priorities.VD: What was your most embarrassing moment and how did you react?JC: My most embarrassing moment would be when I was joining a fraternity in college and we had this torch-lighting ceremony and you have to pass the torch to your brother and recite his name and everything like that. In front of the whole fraternity, I was going through and I went to my pledge brother and gave him the torch and called him the wrong name. Everyone started laughing and pointing and then I was able to make a joke out of it and move on.VD: Whats your coping mechanism?JC: I would say, a good workout and sometimes silence.

Town: AvonAge: 24Occupation: Producer, co-host for TV-8 Vail Hobbies: Hiking, camping, telemark skiing, 14ers and cooking.You may have seen Gabe Hogan at the TV-8 Vail studio, getting the scoop. Well, heres the scoop on him. Between takes, this classic nice guy finds time to hang out with his dog, Hope. Whether hes skiing the backcountry, camping or going out on the town, Hogan is a connoisseur of life. Still not sure hes your taste? One bite of his chocolate chip cookies will change your mind. Hogan is a finalist in this years Beaver Creek cookie-baking contest.VD: What are your deal breakers?GH: I would have to say, somebody whos not self-confident because I want somebody whos secure in who they are and I have to say, somebody who parties a lot. Somebody whos into partying a lot. Thats pretty much the main ones. I guess some more deal-breakers would be somebody who doesnt have a strong character. I like somebody who knows who they are and knows who they want to be with.VD: Why are you single?GH: I got out of a relationship in the middle of the summer and I found that being single is also a lot of fun here in the Vail Valley just because it gave me a chance to enjoy a lot of the hobbies I have. I have to say another reason Im single is working full-time. Its sometimes hard to find other working professionals.VD: Which relationship affected you the most and why?GH: I would have to say when I was in college, I dated a girl for a couple years and I was head-over-heels in love with her and I was living in Africa and she broke up with me halfway through my trip, on the phone. And I think that affected me the most just because it was a great relationship that came to an abrupt end and it made me realize: never take for granted what you might have at that certain time because it might not always be there.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?GH: It affected me a lot. It gave me a very strong character. It made me really know who I was. Both my parents were very conservative, straight-laced and they raised me to really kind of know morals. Know whats wrong and whats right at a very young age and thats something thats carried on in my life knowing whats wrong and whats right.VD: Whats the most risky thing youve ever done?GH: Id have to say going to Oktoberfest in Germany by myself. In hindsight, that was the most risky thing Ive done in a while. That or Id say moving to the Vail Valley, leaving my career and hoping to take it up here. I left a great job. I had several other jobs offers and I turned those down to move to the Vail Valley in pursuit of the position I have currently, and I didnt have it at the time so that would probably be the actual risky one.VD: Whats your coping mechanism?GH: Meditation and my dog, Hope.

Town: EdwardsAge: 36Occupation: Director of golf instruction at The Club at Cordillera in EdwardsHobbies: Harley riding, dirt bike riding and sampling good wine.If Tom Stickneys face looks familiar, you probably saw it in a magazine. Golf Magazine lists him among the top 100 instructors in the nation while Golf Digest dubs him one of the top 20 teachers under 40. Off the green, Stickney scores points with his outgoing personality and grounded nature. I try to be as stable as possible in a valley full of lost souls, he said. We fell for this Tennessee natives vestigial southern charm. Oh, and we love that southern drawl.VD: What are your deal breakers?TS: My deal breakers would have to be children, wanting to have kids. Im a career-oriented person. Im always running around doing a lot of work all across the country and I just dont have the time to invest the proper parenthood responsibilities to children. My parents were always home (on) the weekends and the holidays. I just end up working too much. Therefore, I just couldnt give the kid the necessary attention that it needs and thats not fair. Oh, another deal breaker: Smoking. I abhor smoking.VD: Whats your biggest flaw and why is it hard to date you?TS: My biggest flaw is that Im very career-oriented and I kind of do what I want to do when I want to do it. I have to remember that its not always about me. And Im learning as I get older and more mature that I have to give more.VD: How does your childhood affect who you are today?TS: My parents are still together after almost 40 years of marriage. They were married at 19, had me at 21 and its like the Beaver Cleaver household. Ive never seen them fight in all those years and Ive just realized that love and respect and communication are the keys to a successful relationship. If I could be half the man my father is and half the human being my mother is, Id be a good human being.VD: Whats your most embarrassing moment and how did you react?TS: My most embarrassing moment: I was in junior high and I was absolutely infatuated with this girl that I went to school with (and I) finally coerced her into going out. As we were walking into the restaurant there were two stairs. Its a dark restaurant, they were right in front of us, shes behind me see I didnt realize youre supposed to let the woman go first in junior high. I tripped right over the stairs and fell in front of her and the whole rest of the restaurant. I was mortified.VD: What are you most afraid of?TS: Being hurt.VD: Wheres the most interesting place youve ever had sex?TS: In a car, driving down the street.

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