Melding ancient traditions with modern-day designs in Vail |

Melding ancient traditions with modern-day designs in Vail

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VAIL, Colorado The Squash Blossom in Vail, Colorado hosts its debut trunk show with Me&Ro through Feb. 22. The earliest culture to begin making jewelry in Asia was the Chinese, around 5,000 years ago. Chinese jewelry designs were very symbolic and religious-oriented and contained primarily Buddhist symbols. Carrying that ancient jewelry tradition to the modern day are the designs of Me&Ro. In addition to the large permanent collection at the Squash Blossom, the show will showcase designer Robin Renzis new venture into one-of-a-kind pieces and limited edition collections. Me&Ros jewelry is inspired by the human need to both adorn and communicate through jewelry. Me&Ro is a New York City-based jewelry designer founded in the summer of 1991. Today, Renzi continues to express herself through the art of making jewelry. Equally important is the power jewelry has to express the human values of strength, love and faith. Renzi brings those ideas to her jewelry by using traditional motifs and inscriptions in Chinese, Tibetan and Sanskrit writing. Using the mantras and symbols of these Eastern cultures comes from a personal respect and response of those cultures. I love India because its the opposite of here (New York) it is just so different that every part of you is forced to look and feel things differently everything. It is not an easy place to travel; you either find yourself or lose yourself, Renzi said. Renzis vision is transmitted through the natural beauty of the materials used. Created in matte-finish sterling silver, 10 karat and 18 karat yellow gold and platinum, the pieces seek strength in both simplicity and weight. All stones, precious (diamonds, rubies, sapphires), rare (antique Tibetan coral, andalusite, Brazilian opals) and semi-precious (turquoise, lapis, rutilated quartz), are individually set by hand. Known for its stackable rings, hammered bangles, personal amulets and hoops of all sizes, Me&Ro emphasizes the ease and wearability of the designs. Opting for subtlety over showiness, Me&Ro pursues an aesthetic of simple beauty.I love the informal feel of Me&Ros jewelry, said Amy Logan, the manager of The Squash Blossom. The matte finish makes it understated and casual, and the inscriptions are great messages like peace, courage, equality and wisdom. I see clients wearing Me&Ro when they come to visit us at the store, and they are wearing it every day.

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