Memo backs up West Vail claim in ad |

Memo backs up West Vail claim in ad

VAIL ” A memo from a March 22 town of Vail meeting shows a proposal to increase square footage in part of the West Vail commercial area by 400 percent.

That memo backs up a statement in an ad by Friends of Vail Village. The ad has been criticized for including several inaccurate statements. Friends of Vail Village, which opposes the Crossroads proposal that residents will vote on Tuesday, says Vail is in danger of being overdeveloped.

“West Vail Mall ” 400 percent increased density,” the ad read.

The memo says “Alternative 3” was the preferred choice by residents at a January public meeting. It also says the interior square footage for the Holiday Inn/Apex Lodge, Gart/West Vail Mall, Safeway and Vail Das Schone building would increase from 260,205 square feet to 1,019,996 square feet.

But Russ Forrest, the town’s director of community development, said that number was a “reference point,” not a recommendation.

“I think it’s inaccurate for them to state a number, whether it’s 200 percent or 400 percent, in terms of what will be in West Vail,” Forrest said.

The town was looking at 4 square feet of residential space for every square foot of commercial space to make things work for the mixed-use redevelopment of the West Vail commercial area, he said.

“I still certainly stand by that comment that that ad certainly did not accurately reflect any sort of conclusion,” Forrest said. “We are and have been discussing a variety of different ideas as it relates to West Vail.”

The ad, which ran in last Saturday’s Vail Daily, also said the Roost Lodge is proposed for seven stories. It is proposed for four stories.

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