Memorable holiday |

Memorable holiday

Don Rogers

The 10th trained at nearby Camp Hale during the war, before joining some of the most intense combat in Europe.

Part of what make this Memorial Day more poignant is the presence of today’s 10th in Afghanistan, pulling their duty there as a direct consequence of Sept. 11. Just back from the war-torn country, the division plans to send its color guard to the monument.

Simple attendance at the ceremony is one way to recognize the life and death efforts of our soldiers to protect the rest of us from infamies such as the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Such gestures do matter to the people sent to harm’s way on our behalf.

The worst

Irrationally, we had hoped that someday Chandra Levy would turn up someplace like Morocco or Tahiti, sipping on one sweet drink or another, wearing dark glasses and a big smile.

The story surrounding her disappearance was overblown, but the human being at its center nonetheless became dear to many of us at a basic level.

Instead, the worst, her skull unearthed in a Washington, D.C., park. What happens to too many people there and in other parts of the country happened to her.

Her fate assuredly had nothing at all to do with the scandalous and pathetic affair the good congressman Condit admitted. The fellow assuredly is a creep, but hardly a killer.

It’s official

Summer has begun! Never mind the temperature cooling these past couple of days. It’s official. Kiss “mud season” goodbye. The restaurants are opening, musicians returning, our page count swelling.

But all these are mere whispers. The driving force opening the season is the influx of kayakers, mountain climbers, runners and spectators for the weekend’s Teva Mountain Games. Oh yeah, and the first long holiday weekend, too.

The merchant and lodging class that suffered through recessionary times this past winter is looking forward to our little economic engine rumbling to life with that other tourism season. We’ve had our break.

Danger rising

With visitors returning to the High Country, the fire danger will rise, too – barring rain, of course. The conditions are growing ever riper for ripping wildfires, and now the human element will pile on. Be careful out there.


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